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Not All Superheroes Wear Capes – Part I

Not All Superheroes Wear Capes – Part I

If you ever doubted that you as a mum genuinely are a superhero here is a reminder of your powers:

– Your lips contain magic ‘’booboo healing’’ properties.

– Your hearing is impeccable and not only can you distinguish your child’s cries from the cry of others, but you know how to pick up the most important words from your child’s flow of ‘’babble’’. Most importantly, you know when you need to go from selectively listening to listening to 100%

– You have quick and graceful ninja worthy moves when sneaking out of a sleeping child’s room at night.

– As a mum, you have that special stare that can freeze your child’s movements instantaneously. This gaze can occasionally and if need be also be used on a spouse.

– Do not get us started on the topic of multitasking. Can Spiderman cook dinner, help with homework, get in what’s left of the 10 000 steps that day and feed the cat while on a conference call planning next years budgets? All that without ruining freshly painted nails? Or what a mum simply calls a regular Tuesday night? We must admit, we are feeling quite smug over here at Mumzworld HQ while typing these words. Check out our Working Mum’z Guide to Maintaining a Work Life Balance.

– Very much like Batman, you have a secret hidden lair where treats are stashed away. Granted that sometimes you deplete its content before your offspring get their sticky paws on it but rest assured that you are 100% not alone here. Sure treats are our kryptonite, and we are all allowed to have one. So whatever your kryptonite might be – a Starbucks latte, a bar of Hershey’s or a slice of cold leftover pizza; sit back and simply enjoy it. Read our Letter to Stay at Home Moms