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Onboard Baby Feeding Essentials

Onboard Baby Feeding Essentials

Do you have plans to travel with your newborn baby this summer? If your answer is yes, then there must be a million questions in your head about this. The most common concern new mums share is feeding their babies on a plane. What can they do to make this easier? How can they for instance pump milk privately and quietly? We believe that you can do it all easily and smoothly, and all you need is a little bit of preparing. This includes important onboard baby feeding essentials which you will learn more about here. 

Onboard Baby Feeding Essentials

First of all, you need the right gadgets to make feeding a newborn baby easier. Breastfeeding or pumping milk outside the comfort of your own home can be challenging. But with these essentials, you can do it anytime and anywhere with zero hassle. 

The ultimate onboard baby feeding essentials list

1| Nursing wrap. 

Make breastfeeding your baby in public easier and more private with nursing wraps. A nursing wrap helps you be comfortable and private to breastfeed anywhere you need. Even if it was on a plane. The First Years offers you a nursing wrap with a changing clutch to make breastfeeding on a plane a piece of cake. 

2| Breastmilk storage bags.

If you depend on breast pumping to feed your baby, then you need good and secure storage bags. Nanobebe has got you covered with safe and secure breastmilk storage bags. Those bags are lightweight, and have secure seals. Also, they can reduce bacterial growth while also preserving precious breast milk nutrients from long plane rides. In addition, the included organizer helps you save space in your luggage. While also keeping the bags easy to reach and store.

3| An easy to use breast pump.

Investing in a good breast pump is the best advice we can give any new mum. Whether for pumping milk at home or while traveling. A good breast pump is an essential part of every breastfeeding mum’s life. For traveling, we recommend a single corded breast pump as it is easier to use, hold, and pack. You also need a breast pump that has a quiet motor for a discreet experience anywhere.

4| Bottle Warmer.

Some mums like to use frozen milk bottles when traveling by plane. This way they ensure the milk stays fresh for their little babies. If you are one of those mums, then you must also need a bottle warmer. Munchkin’s digital bottle warmer can heat breastmilk or formula to 98.6 degrees whenever and wherever. It is very fast and easy to use, making onboard baby feeding easier and smoother. 

What about traveling with baby formula? 

If you use formula as a source of nutrition for your baby, then you must have all the necessary onboard baby feeding essentials for it. With those gadgets, formula feeding and preparing will be so easy and quick. 

1| A good and durable feeding bottle. 

When traveling with baby feeding bottles, you need ones that are lightweight and durable. Meaning ones that won’t break easily. The Natural Feel Baby Bottle from Comotomo is exactly that. The material is super lightweight and unbreakable. And the design mimics breastfeeding to help babies easily transition back and forth from nursing to bottle feeding.

2| Formula dispenser.

Avoid the hassle of measuring milk and having it spread everywhere on a plane with a good formula dispenser. Babymoov’s powder milk dispenser holds up to 4 pre-measured doses of formula in separate compartments. Making preparing bottles easy, quick and hassle free. It also has a practical funnel to guarantee easy filling of baby bottles without wasting any formula. 

3| Ready to drink formula.

Pre prepared formula is one of the best and easiest solutions for feeding your newborn baby on a plane. This comes in very handy when getting hot water is hard. Aptamil 2 Ready to Drink Milk is one of the best milk options out there for this. As it is enriched with prebiotics, LCPs, iron. Along with vitamins A, C, D for stronger immunity and optimal development.