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Personal Hygiene habits to ensure kids safety in school

Personal Hygiene habits to ensure kids safety in school

With the ongoing global pandemic and things starting to open up again, as a mother you’ll feel a lot better knowing your child is practicing safe Personal Hygiene habits at school. Good Personal Hygiene will not only ensure the safety of a child but also a worry free mum.

With back to school and kids attending classes again, we’ve rounded up a list of personal hygiene habits your child should be practicing.

1-Hand washing

This is a no-brainer, but definitely on the top of the list. We’re not talking the quick rinse, no. Make sure you child knows to properly wash their hands for no less than 15-30 seconds.

They also need to remember to wash their hands after touching anything that does not belong to them, or any public property such as buses, chairs, tables etc

2-Face Masks

The new accessory.  Your child needs to understand that the mask has to stay on at all items when around other people. Picking out a fun printed mask, or themed mask, might help with that. If your son or daughter likes their mask and how they look in it, they’ll be tempted to keep it on for longer!

3-Avoid Sharing

We all know and love the whole ‘Sharing is caring’ of course, but definitely not during a pandemic! Make sure your child has their own school supplies and knows not to borrow anything from anyone, just as a precautionary measure.

4- Personal Items

Making sure your child is geared with their own personal school essentials, water bottles and lunchboxes is important. Packing your child’s lunch at home will put your mind at ease and is a lot more hygienic and sanitary than buying food from elsewhere. They can also forget about water fountains! The same goes for water bottles and you can find a wide range of these essentials in the cutest designs and prints


Labeling your child’s things, stationery, books, and gear will make sure there is no confusion. Nothing gets mistakenly taken, or used. Everyone will stick to there own personal belongings. Whether stick-on, iron-on or stamp, you’ll find many options!