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How to Boost Your Kids’ Immune System this Winter?

How to Boost Your Kids’ Immune System this Winter?

Our kids’ health and safety is a priority to us all. Every mum out there is constantly worried about her children’s health. As she is always thinking of ways to keep them safe from all diseases. Especially during this era where new diseases are surfacing like Covid and monkeypox. Therefore, we gathered tips to boost kids’ immune system and keep them healthy and happy. 

How to Boost Your Kids’ Immune System? 

1| Keep up a healthy diet. 

First, in order to boost our kids’ immune system, we need to keep up a healthy and balanced diet. A balanced diet includes all the vitamins and nutrients kids need to grow and be strong. So, make sure your children eat plenty of vegetables. That is because vegetables are filled with nutrients that help protect kids against all sorts of illnesses and viruses.

For example, include a salad filled with leafy greens on a daily basis. Those greens are filled with minerals and nutrients to boost their immune system. Also, have them eat plenty of fruits, especially oranges because they are filled with vitamin C. A sweet treat once a day is not harmful, but make sure not to rely on refined sugary foods. That is because foods filled with sugar lowers kids’ immune system. 

2| Get enough sleep.

A good night’s sleep is essential for both adults and children. So, make sure your children get plenty of sleep to stay healthy and energetic. Maintaining good sleeping habits help you boost your kids’ immune system. So, try to stick to a certain sleeping routine, even during school breaks. Set a certain time for your kids to go to sleep and to wake up – even on holidays. This will help them get the rest they need and go back to their original sleeping schedule easily for school days. 

3| Exercise. 

There are many studies out there that emphasize the importance of physical activity. As it boosts kids’ immune system and strength effectively. Make sure your kids are physically active and join them as it is just as important to you. Nowadays, the weather is perfect for fun outdoor activities. So, plan weekly family adventures to go hiking, or ride biking to keep both yourself and your kids in shape. Also, try to keep them physically active during the week days by going on early walks or a 30-minute dance time. 

4| Provide a clean environment. 

It is our duty as parents to provide a clean and sanitized environment for our kids. That includes a clean house and staying away from bad habits such as smoking. In fact, secondhand smoking is one of the most common reasons why kids have low or weak immune systems. Their little bodies cannot dispose of the smoke they inhale; therefore, it can affect them more than adults. So, make sure to always keep their environment clean and sanitized. 

5| Control the spread of germs and viruses. 

The best thing you can do to keep your kids healthy is to teach them good hygiene habits. Such as washing their hands constantly and accurately. Hands can hold a lot of germs; therefore, it is important to always make sure they are washed and cleaned. Teach your kids how to correctly wash their hands, especially before eating. Also, keep sanitized wipes and hand sanitizers with them at all times. 

Moreover, teach your kids how to cough or sneeze to avoid spreading germs. Show them how to shield their nose and mouth with their elbows or with a tissue. And urge them to dispose of used tissues immediately. Fostering such habits in your kids will help limit the spread of germs and viruses.