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Pick the best outdoor toys for your toddler.

Pick the best outdoor toys for your toddler.

As the weather cools down, it’s time to head outside for some toddler playtime! Being outside is so important for toddlers, it gives them opportunities to explore their senses, experience different things and to take safe risks. Here are some of the best outdoor toys for your toddler this season.

Paradiso Toys Shell Sandpit Red this is the ultimate backyard accessory for every toddler. Use both halves to offer different sensory opportunities. Add sand to one side and water to the other, add some toy animals or sand toys and you have a source of endless entertainment outside. My favourite way to mix it up a bit is to add slime to the water half for a new sensory experience.

Paradiso Toys Shell Sandpit

Hape – Trail Rider  this is the perfect bike for your toddler. With a sturdy and well-balanced design, your child can enjoy the fun of riding a bike in a safe way. They can start learning the basic skills for riding a bike as well as burning lots of energy!

Hape - Trail Rider

Paradiso Toys Baby Folding Swing – I love this foldable swing and frame. It’s perfect to pop up in the backyard and use with ease. Using a swing helps your toddler to develop core muscle skills, helps them to track with their eyes and lets them experience different sensations of movement.

Paradiso Toys Baby Folding Swing

Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall this is a super fun way to play and explore the basic concepts of science! Encourage your toddler to create different pathways for the water by moving the parts on the wall.

Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall

Little Tikes – Easy Score Soccer Set the perfect first soccer set and the perfect size for your backyard. Encourage your child to develop coordination and gross motor skills as they kick the ball towards the goal. A fun way to play together outside

Little Tikes - Easy Score Soccer Set

KidKraft – Pirate Sandboat – Brown this is the perfect way to introduce outside play to your toddler, encourage role-play and sensory experiences. Become a storyteller, a sailor of the great seas, an artist or just enjoy being a kid!

KidKraft - Pirate Sandboat - Brown

Feber – Activity Center this all in one activity centre will keep your little one busy all day long. Allow your child to climb, slide, hide and explore. Your child will be able to create lots of different games and develop their gross motor skills.

Feber - Activity Center

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster bring the fun of amusement and activity parks to your own home with this child-friendly ramp and car. They will have endless fun rolling down the ramp and pushing the car back up. A fun way to learn about safety risks.

Step2 Up & Down Roller Coaster