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Do you really need a breastfeeding pillow?

Do you really need a breastfeeding pillow?

As a new mum, you need to ensure to get maximum rest and comfortability to care perfectly for your little one and try to make your life a little easier. Here, we will tell you you do need a breastfeeding pillow

Why not use any pillow? 

Breastfeeding pillows, or nursing pillows are not like any other pillow you’ll find in your household. Their shape, the size, and the material are different. Other pillows, like bed pillows or throw pillows, can be too soft that the baby would sink too low or can be uncomfortable and hard to use. 

That is where breastfeeding pillows come in handy. 

Why would you need a breastfeeding pillow ?

Here is why would you need a breastfeeding pillow: 

-It helps you maintaining support for your baby as you breastfeed

-Makes you avoid any body pains especially in the neck, arm and back

-Keep the baby’s head and body in a correct and comfy position

-Makes breastfeeding easy no matter how long it took 

-Helps in bottle feedings and avoiding spills

-You can use it as an alternative for pregnancy pillow

-Make multitasking easier

When buying a breastfeeding pillow keep in mind: 



-Water resistance 





Some mums like big sized pillows, while other mums like a travel size one which is more convenient. Price differs according to color, size, design, and washability. Some pillows have removable covers which can be directly put in the washing machine, while others don’t so you’ll have to just wipe it. If you choose the latter, don’t worry. The pillows’ fabric is the similar to nursing pillow fabrics, you can easily wipe and clean them.


Top picks for breastfeeding pillows 

MyBrestFriend – Original Pillow

This pillow helps you maintain your breastfeeding routine easily. The wrap around nursing pillow are to to secure you and your baby’s safety and maintain positioning and latch-on. The design also prevents sore back and neck.

Adjustable, silent-release straps are included to fit you comfortably and they unlatch silently without waking up the baby. You will love its convenient pocket to keep water bottles, burp cloths, phone, and other nursing accessories or items within your reach.

Red Castle – Big Flopsy Pearl Grey with Free Cosmic Cover

Curve shaped pillows are of great use throughout your pregnancy, breastfeeding, and bottle feeding. It is filled with odorless micro-pearls which keeps it light, and the removable cotton cover makes it easy to wash. This 170cm curved pillow relieves shoulders and arms during long breastfeedings.

Saif Sleep – Sleep Positioner

Saif Sleep offers a 2 in 1 product: A pillow and a positioner. The pillow is made of bamboo fabric which is soft and the top layer is filled with polyester to add support when breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, and the cover is made of bamboo fibers as well. 

As for the positioner, it is made with low density foam to cradle your baby’s head delicately with maximum support to help prevent flat head syndrome. It helps your baby’s digestion and reduces reflux. This is a great purchase for when your baby falls asleep while breastfeeding.

Feeding Friend – Self-Inflating Arm Support Pillow

This arm support pillow is designed to for you to position it under your arm to take the pressure off your hand, wrist, neck, back and shoulders. It is perfect for breastfeeding while sitting with legs crossed, upright, or while holding your baby in a football-side position.  

It is convenient to accompany you everywhere. Simply open the valve and it will self-inflate within seconds. The covers are removable and washable easily.

Little West Street – Nursing Arm Pillow 

Make breastfeeding a breeze with this nursing arm pillow which is made of cotton and filled with light polyester. Just slide it into your arm to ease positioning your baby for feedings. Both you and your baby are at an angle which will reduce any pack pains or refluxes. You can keep it with you at all times into the diaper bag, or just attach it to the stroller. Super practical! 

Donebydeer – Dreamy Dots Nursery Pillow

A luxury filling, hidden zipper, and great quality cotton is what makes this breastfeeding pillow so perfect. This pillow is filled with soft polyester fibers making super light. It offers great support for both mum and baby and prevents tension in arms and shoulders.

Clevamama Clevacushion 10in1

Clevacushion is one of the top mums picks! The unique 10 in 1 ClevaCushion is made with ClevaFoam which has scientifically been proven to reduce flat head syndrome in infants. The firm yet so soft texture provides excellent back support whilst pregnant and helps create a secure and safe feeding environment. You can also use it as a comfort nest for your baby.