8 Arts and Crafts Activities to try at home!

8 Arts and Crafts Activities to try at home!

Creative expression is so important for children as they grow and learn. It allows them to express their ideas in different ways and to explore their senses. It’s important to offer your child the chance to be creative through arts and craft at home, this shows that you value their creative ideas and views.

My favourite DIY art and craft activities to do at home with the kids are:

–  Painting with brushes – allow your child to explore different types of paint brushes to make marks and pictures. Cover any hard surface with newspaper or a plastic cover and give them some paper, paint and brushes and let them go for it! I love the Crayola brushes, they offer a lot of variation in size and thickness, allowing for different painting experiences.

–  Box construction – it’s always fun to create something new using something old. Box construction gives your child the perfect opportunity to recycle and recreate, it allows them to think creatively and doesn’t confine them by what things should be. Start by collecting recycling before it goes in the bin, then set them up with PVA and let them stick bits together and create their own sculpture. I always collect; egg cartons, boxes, lids, bottles, plastic berry containers, soft plastic packets, foil, and cans.

–  Nature art – enjoy bringing nature inside and using it to inspire your child’s creative side. Go for a walk and explore, collect some nature (leaves, flowers and parts of plants), pop them into a flower press and let them dry out before using them to create a piece of nature-inspired art. One of my favourite activity is using dried flowers as decorations on drawings, for example, on a drawing of a person you could use flowers to decorate their clothes or to create a jungle around an animal.

–  Learn French knitting – A quintessential childhood skill that will allow your child to create all sorts of different things. This butterfly kit is an ideal starting point.

–  Sometimes it’s nice to have a spread of different tools and then decide what you are going to create. I love using an Artist Box – it feels really special and purposeful while providing variety for a budding artist. 

–  Create a knot fabric quilt I love this activity because it turns into a practical item for your child to keep in their room or around the house, something that will last and be a proud piece of crafting to show off for years to come. It’s also a great project to work on over a period of time – rather than a one-off crafting session, helping your child t develop perseverance, fine motor skills and concentration.

–  Threading and making beads – creating beads from scratch is very rewarding and allows your child to then go on to make all sort of beautiful necklaces, hanging decorations and artwork. This paper-bead maker is a must-have! 

–  Drawing and sketching – drawing is a wonderful way to pass time and with more exposure, children can become more confident and learn new techniques. The sky really is their limit. These beautiful markers make drawing even more enjoyable.

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