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The Ultimate back to school list for Covid era

The Ultimate back to school list for Covid era

Back to school season means lots and lots of back to school shopping. There’s so much you absolutely need to buy from lunchboxes to backpacks to stationery and water bottles, and in so many cool, fun colors and designs! Prepare your back to school list with the help of this guide. 

What should a back to school list for Covid era include? 

But this year, with a global pandemic, your back to school shopping list is going to look completely different. Sure, you’ll be getting the stationery, and the gear, but maybe for the first time in history, you’ll be purchasing safety and hygiene essentials as well.  And for the many mums choosing to homeschool, their list will probably include the must-haves for turning a dining room into a classroom.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the different things you need to be getting, we’ve rounded up our ultimate BTS list for Covid-19!

1| Safety Essentials

By now, almost everyone knows the drill-masks and sanitizer are an absolute MUST! You can’t go anywhere without a mask. Forgetting your mask feels like forgetting your phone or wallet!

Smurf Hand Sanitizer with Silicone Holder

A hand sanitizers are made with a unique formula that is gentle on you but hygienically cleans. It has been enriched with Aloe Vera and vitamin E for a moisturized feel. Specifically designed with kids in mind this does not contain any alcohol or Paraben, Sulphate, Phathalete & EDTA.

Cool & Cool Hand Sanitizer – Pack of 6

Cool and Cool Hand Sanitizer kills 99.9% germs and its non sticky on your hands. Its contains vitamin D beats to keep those little hands clean and healthy.

Sunveno Child Face Mask

Sunveno Child Face Mask is perfect to keep your little ones safe while in school. This mask is specially designed for the younger ones’ cute little faces. This mask has soft elasticated sides to avoid slipping and bothering the kid. It also has cute prints and colors to match the style and attract the little ones to use them.

2| Plastic Bag to Store Mask

We recommend purchasing a pouch or plastic bag for your child to store their mask in when having lunch. This will make sure it doesn’t get lost but also that it stays clean.

3| Water bottles and Lunchboxes

Making sure your child is packed with their own meals and water bottle is essential in guaranteeing their safety.

Oops Easy-Backpack

A very colorful, cheerful, soft and three dimensional school bag. The magnificent Oops characters come to life larger than ever thanks to the innovative textile applications. The dimensions have been designed to meet the needs of younger children and to accompany them at all times of the day, thanks to a product that is light, but roomy and durable. It is also quipped with adjustable shoulder straps and easy to clean with water.

Rosti Mepal Campus Bundle

All set for a new day at school with the lunch set in pink from Mepal. This handy set consists of a campus water bottle, lunchbox and snack box. The pop-up drink bottle is ideal; press and drink, that’s the idea.


This is definitely an important for those of you sending your kids back. To ensure safety, its important to avoid mix ups and sharing.

Mine Stamp For Clothes & Books

Prepare your kids for school with this custom personalized stamping kit. Using wash-resistant textile ink, MINEstamp helps you clearly label and personalise school uniforms, notebooks, book bags, articles of clothing and more with one click. MINEstamp keeps your kids’ things easily returnable and never mistaken as someone else’s.

Stuck on You Name Labels

Each pack of Stick on Name Labels includes 30 stick on name labels. They are microwave and dishwasher safe making them an ideal label for school books, lunch boxes, drink bottles and more. It’s as simple as write, laminate, peel and label. Each icon design is both appealing to the child and makes it easier for your child to identify their belongings.