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Tips to Help Your Kids Make Friends at School

Tips to Help Your Kids Make Friends at School

School friends can be ones who would last a lifetime. They make school years pass easier. When our kids have friends, they won’t feel lonely. Having friends will make them feel safe and loved. They will also have someone who shares the same experiences as them. Which will make expressing their feelings easier. Because they have someone else who can actually relate to them. Therefore, it is our job to help our kids make friends and help them maintain those friendships. 

How to Help Kids Make Friends? 

In this article, you will find 5 important tips to help your child make friends at school. 

1| Be a role model. 

Children look up to their parents when it comes to everything. When your kids see you maintaining positive friendships, they will want something similar for themselves. If your child cannot see you interacting with friends and having a good time with them. He or she will not understand why friends are so important in life. Of course, with life’s hassle, we get less time to hang out with friends. But that does not mean we should abandon that completely. Plan a monthly date with your friends to hang out and catch up. This will be good for both you and your children. 

2| Include your kids in your social life. 

When parents include kids in their social activities, they help them develop socially. Take your kids along when visiting relatives or friends. Let them interact with other people outside of home. This is a great exercise for kids to become more confident when it comes to making friends. 

3| Sign up your kids for extracurricular activities. 

Extracurricular activities are good for developing skills and mastering hoppies. But it is also a great chance to meet people with similar likes and interests. That is why we must encourage our kids to sign up for extracurricular activities. Also, having friendships built on common interests will ensure they are long lasting friendships. 

4| Teach your kids to be kind and caring. 

Kind and caring people are more likely to develop healthy friendships than others. That applies to both kids and adults. Therefore, it is important to encourage our kids to be kind to others and care about their feelings. We must teach them to say nice things and compliment their friends. As we must urge them to avoid hurtful or mean words. And that is how we can help our kids making friends at school. 

5| Teach children to be nice. 

You can teach your kids to be nice through two ways. One, is to be a role model to them. And two, role play! Acting out scenarios to teach kids how to be nice is the best way to implant this within them. It will make kids be more confident, gain more vocabulary, and develop healthy social skills as well. 


Those tips will ensure your kids make friends at school. And those friendships will be filled with love, fun, and great times for your little ones!