No activities at school, no Problem! Your guide to entertain your child after school

No activities at school, no Problem! Your guide to entertain your child after school

It’s back to school time! And although it’s usually a happy time for kids and parents, things might be a little different this time. With Co-vid we all are facing trouble going back to our lives and daily activities This includes after-school activities for your kids.

Before Co-vid, you could simply take your kids out for dinner or a movie, but you must be having fears of going out even if you are armed with face-masks and sanitizers.

So, what can I do for my kids after school?

It’s pretty simple, and with a little effort you can turn the little things into fun and entertaining activities.

For example, if your kids love going to the movies, you can bring the movies to them!

Create a cinematic experience for your kids in your living room by showing their favorite movie, popping up some popcorn and service them in those cute popcorn containers!

You can have your kids write down their favorite movie and toss them in a bowl and randomly choosing one each week or however you see fit. Sounds great, right?

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Here are some more ideas for every mom out there to give her little ones a break from school before starting to do their homework:

1| Signing up for online classes

Signing your kids up for after-school courses can be a great after-school activity. With Co-vid almost everyone is offering online courses for almost everything! You can sign your kids up for drawing courses, music, a reading club, and even some physical online course such a kid-yoga or ballet! You can also create a small zone and furnish it with a learning rug and a small desk for your little ones!

Think of it this way, your kids will come back from school, they’ll rest up for a little and then join their online courses giving you plenty of time to prepare dinner!

2| Getting together to prepare dinner

We all love going back in time to when we used to help our moms in the kitchen. Whether stirring the soup, peeling vegetables, or baking delicious muffins, it would all be remembered as a beautiful after-school activity, and its building up their skills!

3| Playing family games

Who doesn’t love games? Imagine this, your kids finishing up their homework and your done with dinner and its family-quality time. Let’s bring out the games! It would be super fun and stimulating doing a group activity, whether a puzzle or any boardgame, you and your kids would have a blast!

4| Planning safe playdates

Improve your children’s social skills and bring them closed with their friends by planning a safe playdate. Prepare fun snacks, bring your kid’s favorite game and give them a memorable time with their buddies! Not only will they socialize and be energized, but you’ll also improve their social and sharing skills.

5| Exercising together

This one is perfect for both you and your children. Set up a small place to do that in your backyard and get your kids a tiny basketball hoop for example or a small ping pong table! Not only it would be good for their health, but it would make bedtime easier.

It’s fine to not be ready to engage with the world just yet to protect your children, but keep in mind that this doesn’t mean you can’t create a perfectly safe and entertaining and bonding environment for them at home!

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