The Importance of Reading

The Importance of Reading

Reading is a fantastic way to calm the mind and seeing as our little ones can at times be extremely active, it is particularly important to cultivate the early habit of reading.

Sitting down with your children and their favourite books forces them to slow down and relax. Hugely beneficial for their cognitive development, reading aloud will help develop their ability to think, understand, remember, problem solve and make decisions. These aspects are all key to the development of the brain and rest assured that as they stop you halfway through a page to ask questions, it is because you’ve now activated their thought process and successfully stimulated their imagination.

Precious memories are created for a lifetime and your child feels secure, loved and
significantly calmer. The thrilling encounters with their favourite fairytale characters, introduced by the soothing voice of a loving parent will forever be one of their favourite childhood sentiments.

We suggest reading a variety of books to your children, alternating between facts and fiction to keep them curious and interested. Reading helps developing children’s ability to understand language and it’s building blocks, preparing them for their upcoming school years.

Have you seen our selection of books at We’d like to think that we offer something for all ages, in English Arabic and French. We also recommend donating previously loved books to the less fortunate ones within your community.


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