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Top 10 Girl Toys for Your Little Princess

Top 10 Girl Toys for Your Little Princess

Toys are the most important part in our children’s lives. Those toys makes them happy, gives them hours and hours of endless fun, and plenty of them help develop our children’s senses and skills. The same applies to toys for girls, and yet finding girl toys is not always easy. What to look for? Which girl toy to pick? This is the ultimate guide to pick cool toys for girls.

 How to pick the best girl toys?

1| Know your daughter’s interests. 

It is important to know what your little girl likes. What toys does she prefer? Doll baby toys, Barbie dolls, Lego sets, or kitchen toys? Avoid picking toys just because they are for girls, because your daughter might not enjoy them at all. Some baby girls even find cars and construction toys more fun.

2| Look for the best of the best.

When picking dolls or gift for girls, make sure to buy toys from brands that are well known and trusted. This ensures you get great quality toys that are also modern and attractive. If you do not know the best brands for girl toys, then we believe that asking your little girl will do the trick. Trust us, little girls always know the best toys to get.

3| Buy them online

Going to the mall these days is more hassle than fun because of Covid-19. Especially if you are living in Abu Dhabi, where you need a recent PCR test to be able to get into the mall. To make thing easier, turn over to online shopping. Set down with your little girls and browse together the latest and coolest toys for girls.

Top 10 Girl Toys

1| Just For Fun – Doll Set With Many Accessories – Pink

Baby toys for girls are one of the most common choice there is. This baby doll set includes many accessories including a feeding chair, rocking bed, buggy, and food utensils. This 3 in 1 role play set also has plenty of sound effects for realistic playtime.

2| Disney – Minnie Mouse Drive Minnie Cooper with Doll

Every little girl loves Minnie mouse toys! They are very engaging and timeless, they really never go out of style. This fashionable Minnie toys also comes with a Minnie Cooper car that will give hours of play and fun for your little princess. It is also a perfect gift for girls older than 3 years old. 

3| Baby Alive – Baby Grows Up Happy Talking Baby Doll Toy

Baby alive grows up toy is one of the trendiest toys out there. Why? Well, it is like a 3 in 1 toy set. This baby alive doll ACTUALLY grows from newborn to baby to big girl. She also changes size 4 inches and has more than 75 sounds and phrases! It gives your girls a realistic experience of caring for a baby. This can be a great pick for you girl if you are expecting another baby. Caring for this Baby Grow doll will develop little girls’ empathy and sense of responsibility. 

4| Cry Babies – Gets Sick Kristal

Another doll that also teaches your girl responsibility. This cry baby doll really get sick and becomes in need for care. She gets sick, she has spots, a cough and a fever. Teaching children about sickness develops their ability to understand it and take the necessary precautions. This baby doll includes 6 accessories: a dummy, a stethoscope, an injection, a cloth, cough syrup and a thermometer. Everything your little nurse needs to make this baby feel better!

5| My Little Pony – The Movie Ocean Gem

My Little Pony the Movie is a great hit amongst little girls. This movie inspired so many storybook, t-shirts, bags and notebooks for little girls. Also, this adorable toy set that sticks on smooth surfaces. This toy can enrich your little girl’s imagination by creating more stories and scenarios with her best friends!

6| Lulujo – My Friend Lulu Doll

Lulu doll is one of the most classic doll baby. This doll develops imagination and creativity in young girls. This doll for girls is made with fine craftsmanship and detailed handwork, a specialized technique is used to achieve the one-of-a-kind Waldorf doll.

7| Lego – Duplo My First Unicorn

Make the Lego experience more personalized for your little girl by getting her a special girl Lego set. This unicorn Lego set is really special for baby girls and toddlers. This toys includes a buildable unicorn, 2 stars, a rainbow and 2 push-along carriages’ with wheels. All shapes have super-smooth corners and are perfect for little hands to pick up and place. Playing with Legos develops creativity, motor skills, and logical thinking which are all important life skills that your girls needs.

8| Little Angel – Electric Kitchen Toy w/ 38 Accessories – Pink

Everyone know how kitchen toys for girls are always a great choice. This electric kitchen toy has steam, water, music, light, and sound. It also has storage space line shelf, basket, and cabinets. This kitchen toy for girls stimulates cooking senses. You can join your girl in some playtime and create a realistic kitchen experience.

9| Baby Born – Toothcare Spa

Toys can always be used to teach children important habits. This one encourages your little girl to care for her teeth. You can have conversations on dental care while spending some bonding time playing with this toothcare spa. This toy can also be paired with a baby born doll. This toothcare spa includes a vibrant toothbrush with special lights and sound effects along with an illuminated mirror.

10| Trolls – Jewellery Box w/ Mirror – Pink

This jewelry box with a mirror is inspired by the movie Trolls, which was everyone’s favorite when it came out. This girl jewelry toy helps developing your girl’s artistic and crafty skills. She can fill it however she likes with her favorite things.

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