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Top 10 Must Have Bakeware for Every Kitchen

Top 10 Must Have Bakeware for Every Kitchen

As mums, we work hard to provide our families with the best of the best. This includes yummy and healthy home made meals filled with love. And with holiday seasons, you need the best bakeware to make delicious and festive meals for your children and family. That is why we gathered the best top 10 bakeware that every mum needs in her kitchen. These will make a great addiction to your kitchen, and they are also great gifts for fellow mums who love to bake! 

1| Bakeware Set

First of all, every mum needs a complete set to help her make all kinds of baked goodies. Whether sweet or savory, this set will help you make delicious treats of all shapes and sizes. This 10 piece set includes different size cookie sheets, roaster pans, a square pan, a crisper for chips and pizza, and another pan for pizza. It also includes a muffin pan, cupcake tin pan, and a loaf pan. Baking will never be more easy and more fun with these awesome complete set.

2| Delcasa’s 3 piece Spring Form Set

RoyalFord are famous for their stainless steel spring-form baking tray set. This set will help you make unbelievably delicious pies and cakes at home. This set has 3 pieces of different sizes to make everything you want no matter how small or big. It also makes preparing cheesecakes and pies easy and smooth.

3| Ring Mold Pan

Have you ever seen a video on Instagram or TikTok where they have this delicious looking cake with melted chocolate in the middle? Well, here’s a trick of how to make it. Get this amazing and non-stick mold pan, prepare your favorite cake mix and bake it. Once its out of the oven and cooled down, melt some of your favorite chocolate, like Nutella, melt it and pour in the middle. When you cut your cake, you will get that amazing chocolate drop that we see and crave on social media.

4| Smiley Face Pancake Pan

Who said smiley face pancakes are just for children? We adults love them too! Simply prepare your favorite pancake mix and make funny looking pancakes with this pan. This pan has seven cavities with seven different designs to make a fun and yummy breakfast, or breakfast for dinner! In addition, it is made of high quality cast aluminum, and it has a phenolic handle to keep you safe.

5| Festive Tulip Baking Cups

We all love those gooey muffins that they sell in Starbucks or any other coffee house. Now you can make them at home with these professional baking cups. You can add your favorite toppings like chocolate chip, blueberry, or caramel and enjoy a delicious professional looking muffin with a warm cup of coffee.

6| Temp-Tations – Floral Lace Squoval Bakeware

A six piece set that makes baking easy while also giving your table a great look. Rather than emptying food in another serving plate or container, these set saves time as you can cook and serve using it. It is oven safe, and can be put in an oven set to to 260 Celsius. It is also safe to use in microwave, refrigerator, and freezer. And you can wash it easily in your dishwasher. So, make your favorite casserole or a yummy baked pudding with no worries!

7| A to Z Cake Decorating Supplies

This is the best gift for mums who love to make and decorate cake! You will find everything you need within this set. It includes a turntable cake holder with non-slip edges to make decorating cakes easy, smooth, and slip free. Also, it has icing knives, silicone spatula, and piping nozzles which are all reusable and dishwasher safe. In addition, it has 3 different decorating combs & icing smoothers for creating different texture and smoothing the sides of the cake. It does not get better than this!

8| Heart Shaped Cookie Cutters

No kitchen is complete without these heart shaped cookie cutters. They come in the refreshing colors and no sharp edges, so you can enjoy a fun day making cookies without any hassle with your kids. Also, they come with their own storage case, and they are dishwasher safe.

9| Funnel Chip Tray

Do you love French fries, but fear the oils they have when they are deep fried? Well, fear no more. With this amazing funnel tray you can make delicious and healthy baked chips with no time. You can even go a little Garden Ramsey and make sweet potato chips! They will go perfectly with a yummy homemade burger or steaks. Plus, kids will love them!

8| Donut Molds

Who doesn’t love donuts? We all do! Make delicious and healthy donuts at home with this incredibly easy to use mold. This silicone mold can tolerate a temperature range of -40 degree to 230 degree. It gives you a wide range of heat levels, and you can make delicious donuts with ease. You can also put it in the freezer as it is freezer safe. The pan is also suitable to be placed in microwave and ovens.

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