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Top 10 Tech Birthday Gifts for the Gen-Z

Top 10 Tech Birthday Gifts for the Gen-Z

From Robotics to Videography, digital learning is here to stay and most kids love any type of technology. Spoil your children with toys that are engaging and educational, mold their hobbies beautifully with early-age tech toys.  Who knows what it might lead to? But how do you choose the best tech Gifts that will continue to captivate their attention long after they shake off the wrapping paper?

How to choose the best gifts

  • 1| Do you have a budding artist, an engineer or a sports car fanatic? Try to match their interests to the toy!
  • 2| When choosing perfect gifts, keep your child’s character in mind, and think about what they really enjoy doing.
  • 3| Perfect birthday gifts are one specially tailored to suit your child’s individual taste and will bring them joy year-round!

Gift for your Artist child

Any kid who likes to draw or write will be enthralled with the Eslate1 board. This tool is easy to use and can be enjoyed by even the youngest of kids. The board is light and portable enough to carry anywhere, like long drives or road-trips.  There’s no cleanup after, so that’s an added bonus for you!

Gift for your Engineer/ Robotics Specialist

Is your child obsessed with robotics? Do they dream of building and controlling their own robot? If so, then we have just the gift! Complete with voice recognition and command control, this robotics kit is sure to lead to hours of creative play! From everyday conversations to space education, to obeying your commands, this robot can and will do it all!

Gift for your Singer Child

This gift is ideal for the pop-star in your family. Enjoy your child’s performing talents with the built-in wireless speaker and echo booster! Turn it into a family event and host your own little talent show! We can’t promise a musical sensation but this gift will definitely boost your child’s self-confidence!

Gift for your car Fanatic

If your young auto designer loves to tinker with parts or is a racecar enthusiast this is the toy for them! They can design Formula 1 cars while learning the basics of automobile components and aerodynamics. Your child will also learn the importance of safety systems and speeds mechanisms!

Gift for your Pet Lover child

Is your child an animal lover? You might be reluctant to give in to their demands for a pet for a variety of reasons. But one thing you can gift them is Pupbo. Pupbo can perform a up to 12 different tricks, likes to have his belly rubbed and can be trained to answer your call. You can download the free app to view your pet’s health status and emotions! The interactive nature of this experience mimics many of the joys you can experience with a real pet.

Gift for your Videographer and Storyteller child

If your child loves taking pictures and is a budding photographer, this gift is for them! This video camera is durable enough to be given to the youngest of creators. It’s light enough to be transported anywhere so your child can document anything they want, anywhere they want! The addition of a small selfie mirror built into the front makes for the prettiest self-portraits!

Gift for the Aviator Child

Almost every kid likes flying drones and this is the perfect as it is intended for beginners. The new design makes for easy assembly and maintenance. Your child can now practice their piloting skills and peak their aviation interests! They will learn to stay focused and control the drone as they maneuver it away from objects. It’s also just as fun for viewers watching the drone soar in the sky!

Gift for your Explorer: Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

These 3D goggles will unlock incredibly immersive virtual reality experiences that your little explorer will spend hours investigating. Powered by your smartphone and compatible with both iOS and Android, your child can play games, watch videos or discover virtual worlds! The possibilities are endless! The virtual reality 3D glasses fit both adults and children comfortably. This is a gift that keeps on giving as the child continually adds to their collection of experiences.

Gifts for your Young Scholar

And for the very young scholar in the family, the Marbotic bundle of smart letters and numbers is not only entertaining, but also highly educational. Simply download the educational games so that the child can use the wooden smart numbers and letters to match the digital ones on the device. The level of learning is determined by the game that you select, so this gift is highly adaptable to a variety of learning experiences. They have also been designed by educational experts to introduce letters, sounds and early reading concepts. In the numeracy section, the child will learn how to match amounts to numbers, count to 100 and solve simple math questions. Who would’ve believed that learning could be so much fun?

No longer worry about choices. In the true Gen-Z way, gift your children the tech toys they will actually love and enjoy!