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The best educational STEM toys in GCC

The best educational STEM toys in GCC

Many toys develop children’s skills and talents. Toys like STEM toys directly target a certain set of skills in order to discover them, develop them, and help children embrace them. Here’s all you need to know on What are STEM toys, why they are so important, and which toys belong to this category. 

What is STEM? 

STEM is an educational approach that is based on: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This approach aims to develop skills in fields such as computing, traditional engineering, physical sciences, life sciences, and mathematics.

The main target for STEM toys is to explore our little ones’ abilities and interests to prepare them for future careers. It also works on expanding them to further knowledge and understanding. 

What are STEM toys?

Toys categorized as STEM toys are the ones that target the child’s STEM skills. They allow the child to experiment, imagine, and think creatively and critically. In other words, those toys help children explore their talents and improve their skills from an early age. 

STEM toys are divided to these categories:

1| Electronics

Almost every child is attached to their electronics, especially with distance learning. Toys such as Woki’s Xtrem Bots motivate children to build their own tablet and explore how it works. This is a STEM toy for kids to help them develop their logical thinking and introduces them to code writing such as JavaScript. 

2| Building

Galt Toys introduces Marble Run Construction which is a simply-put-together set in primary colors that’s perfect for the beginner builder. Building STEM toys improves the child’s creativity and hand-eye coordination. It also teaches the concept of cause-and-effect. 

3| Robotics

Robotic toys increase curiosity and creativity for children. STEM projects such as Discovery Kids – Mindblown Solar Robot Construction Set work on improving skills like problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration with others and also their technical skill sets.

4| Coding

Encourage your children’s healthy cognitive development through coding STEM toys such as Learning Resources – Botley the Robot Figure. Coding toys work on  sharpening a child’s independence and ability to overcome challenges.

5| Biology

Learn about the human body and how it operates through doctor STEM activities like Melissa & Doug’s Get Well Doctor’s Kit Play Set. This is perfect for children who dream of becoming doctors.

6| Astronomy

The galaxy is huge and inspires imaginative and outside-the-box thinking. STEM toys such as Clementoni – Science & Game Planetarium teaches children to recognize stars and constellations in a fun learning environment.

7| Lab Sets

There are so many lab sets to develop children’s STEM skills. For example, Hape’s Optical Science Lab teaches scientific concepts in a fun and comprehensible approach. 

Why should you choose STEM toys? 

STEM toys foster a great skill set for children to help them discover and develop their talents at an early age. These skills include: 

– problem solving

– creativity

– critical analysis

– teamwork

– independent thinking

– communication

– digital literacy

And most importantly, such toys help children get more familiar with STEM and helps them avoid thinking that it is hard. 

The best STEM toys in GCC

1| GeoSmart – Start Set – STEM

The Start Set includes 15 strong, bright magnetic geometric pieces. Your children can use the squares and triangles to create their own structures! Double security system, brilliant colors and unique game elements. Geosmart offers a safe, long, unlimited, creative gaming experience.

2| Jakks Pacific – EyeClops Digital Microscope & Camer

Watch your children discover & learn about the unseen world around you with the new Eyeclops Digital Microscope & Camera. Have them take it on the go, magnify objects indoors and outdoors! They can also turn off the zoom and use as a regular camera to take pictures or record video. Enjoy seeing their discoveries by transferring images or video to a computer. This STEM toy is great for school projects and other S.T.E.M. activities.

3| 4M Green Science – Soda Can Robug

If your having soda, we suggest keeping your used soda can and turn it into a cool robotic bug. Switch it on and watch it vibrate causing it to slide across the floor. It even emits a “buzz” sound as it moves along – just like a real bug!

4| GraviTrax – Starter Kit 

Gravitrax is an innovative marble run and STEM toy for boys and girls made with high quality components, designed for ages 8 and up. It comes with 122 pieces and is an ideal holiday or birthday gift for smart, curious kids aged 8 and up.

5| Paris Garden – Galvanized Pot Zinc Sunflower 

Is your little one into gardening? Then this is the best option for him or her! Enjoy planting with this trendy Galvanized Pot Sunflower. The set includes zinc pot, seeds, starting soil, instructions and growing tips. It is an easy gardening kit.

6| Learning Resources – Double-Sided Magnetic Human Body 3Ft

Twice the learning-skeletal system on one side and major organs and muscle groups on the other! Realistically detailed pieces combine to create a human body. Great for demonstrations, centers and more. Set includes multilingual Activity Guide with reproducible diagrams.

7| Galt Toys – Slimy Lab Kit

TheGalt Toys Slimy Labis perfect for budding young scientists. Explore this exciting kit and mix up glow-in-the-dark slime, mold 3 gloopy creatures including a slimy silver snake and discover how you can make slime change color.