Top 10 Tech Birthday Gifts for the Gen-Z

Top 10 Tech Birthday Gifts for the Gen-Z

From Robotics to Videography, hobbies can be moulded beautifully with early-age tech toys. Digital learning is here to stay. Spoil your children with toys that are engaging and educational. Who knows what it might lead to? Your Birthday gift might be a building block in shaping his/her interest.

Most kids love any type of technology, at least for awhile. But how do you select the best tech gifts that will continue to captivate their attention long after they shake off the wrapping paper? Try to match their interests to the toy. Do you have a budding artist, an engineer or a sports car fanatic?

One thing for sure is that you shouldn’t be swayed by what they say. Children are often influenced by what their friends want or what ads convince them they need. Think about their nature and enhance what they really enjoy doing.

Finding them that perfect Birthday gift can bring joy all year. So make it count with these wonderful gifts that are specially tailored to suit your child’s individualistic tastes.

Gift for your Artist child

Every kid who likes to draw or make sketches will be enthralled with the Eslate1 board. This drawing tool is so easy to use that it can be enjoyed by even the youngest of kids. Simply pick up the pen and start creating. And the bonus for you is that there’s no cleanup! Hours of drawing are waiting for the child. Plus, if one of their sketches turns out to be brilliant, you can take a picture of it and share with all of your relatives on social media. The writing board is light and portable enough to carry anywhere. Put it in the vehicle to encourage active anticipation instead of just watching movies on those long trips.

Gift for your Engineer/ Robotics Specialist

This newly released kit will provide hours of creative designing. The child can start out by building the pre-designed character. But once he or she is familiar with the pieces, the sky’s the limit! To control the robot, you can easily go to the app store and download the free JIMU robot app. If you want to give the child full control, you can pass on an old phone. He or she can bring this robot to life. Don’t forget to take a video of the most creative designs to share with your friends. Also, there is an entire online community that the child can join to share creative ideas, come up with challenges or just chat. Save these images for later when the child is all grown up and working in the technology field. Who knows where this familiarity with technology will lead? This is just one of the many robotic kits. So the child will have plenty of different experiences to explore.

Gift for your Singer Child

This toy is ideal for the popstar in your family. There is a fantastic microphone with the addition of the selfie stick, which encourages the children to record themselves as they lips-sync to their favorite songs. Once they can view what they look like while singing, they will start to mimic their favorite artists with moves and expressions. Even if they do not develop into a musical sensation, their self-confidence to present themselves in front of others will be boosted. This is a vital skill in today’s workforce.

Gift for your Hot Rod Fanatic

If your young auto designer loves to tinker with parts and make new vehicles, he or she will spend hours with the robot smarty kit. He/she will design dream vehicles while learning the basics of automobile components and robotics. This toy has the ability to morph into many different vehicles that will astound you. Combine with other kits to expand the possibilities.

Gift for your Pet Lover child

Unfortunately, not every family can have a pet for a variety of reasons. But one pet everyone can have is Bently. Bently can perform a number of tricks, likes to have his belly rubbed and comes when called as long as you have trained him. The interactive nature of this experience mimics many of the joys you can experience with a real pet.

Gift for your Videographer and Storyteller child

This video camera is durable enough to be given to the youngest of creators. With two different mounts, it can be strapped to their vehicles for an interesting viewpoint. When placed in the waterproof case, it can even take videos up to 6 feet under the water. There are several fun effects built into the camera, but the learning doesn’t stop there. With the USB cable, the images and videos can be downloaded to the computer for more editing fun. You will be amazed at the quality of the photos and the perspective of the child to document events, tell stories, create music videos and much more.

Gift for your VideoGamer child

With over 100 games and apps, the child will be able to use this device for months on end. Some games are purely for entertainment while others incorporate educational aspects. The game maintains a safe environment for the children to investigate and explore while they learn these educational concepts. They can share their adventures with all their favorite characters, including Thomas the Tank Engine, the Sesame Street Gang, Diego and many more.

Gift for your Explorer: Virtual Reality 3D Glasses

With more than 300 virtual reality environments now available, your little explorer will spend time investigating vast spaces of interest. Connect up earbuds or headphones for that total feeling of immersion: from all about space, to car racing and fantasy worlds. The possibilities are growing every day. The virtual reality 3D glasses fit both adults and children comfortably. This is a gift that keeps on giving as the child continually adds to their collection of experiences.

Gift for your Young Scholar

And for the very young scholar in your life, the Marbotic bundle of smart letters and numbers is not only entertaining, but also highly educational. Simply download the educational games so that the child can use the wooden smart numbers and letters to match the digital ones on the device. The level of the learning is determined by the game that you select, so this gift is highly adaptable to a variety of learning experiences. They have also been designed by educational experts to introduce letters, sounds and early reading concepts. In the numeracy section, the child will learn how to match amounts to numbers, count to 100 and solve simple math questions. Who would’ve believed that learning could be so much fun?


No longer worry about choices. Gift the Gen-Z way with tech toys they will adore.  

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