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Tried and tested ways to keep your Toddler entertained in the car

Tried and tested ways to keep your Toddler entertained in the car

Sometimes even the shortest of car journeys can result in the mightiest of tantrums from your toddler, which then makes driving a stressful task for you. 

Here are some sure-fire ways to keep them happy and engaged for the duration of your ride.


If they are not keen on listening to the radio, make a playlist on your phone or a CD of their favourite tracks which you can play.


Belt out nursery rhymes or the latest pop hits to your heart’s content and ask your toddler to be in a pretend band with you (air guitar, tambourine, maracas are always fun to improvise). Take it up a notch and try singing in funny voices or animal sounds for added comedy value.


This is an oldie but a goodie, and not only helps keeps them engaged, but strengthens their working memory and observation skills.

Car Bingo:

This is another excellent game to keep older toddlers engaged, and simply requires a piece of cardboard and a crayon or pencil. Draw up a grid of 9 squares on the card and write or draw out nine objects they need to spot. Once all nine are found, you must shout ‘BINGO!’ Some suggestions of what you can include in your grid are a red car, a taxi, a yellow school bus, an aeroplane, a mosque, a petrol station, a beach, a tree, a camel, a construction vehicle, a police car, a motorcycle …and so on!


A few board books or picture books are a great way to keep them busy for a car ride. Top tip: Rotate them every week or two, so they always have something new to read.

We especially love these classics:


A few crackers or biscuits will almost always satisfy the most boisterous of toddlers. Try and avoid snacks that make a lot of mess, as you won’t always be able to easily clean up any spillages and decant into an easy to hold, spill-proof container such as this:

Munchkin – Snack Catcher

Munchkin - Snack Catcher 9oz - Blue

If possible, plan your journey around nap time and let them drift off to sleep to allow you some peace during your journey!

Finally, ensure your toddler is comfortable in their car seat and remember to keep adjusting the seat straps as they grow. To avoid them getting hot and sweaty, do also ensure they have dressed appropriately for the hot desert climate, and that the AC is set to the right temperature.

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