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Trying to have a baby? What you eat might be the key to fertility.

Trying to have a baby? What you eat might be the key to fertility.

It would appear that your diet and nutrition have pretty much everything to do with everything in your body – from headaches to insomnia to mood swings to fertility; food rules!

Now this isn’t news to many of us. Mothers and grandmothers all over the world have hurtled across tables to stop daughters and daughters-in-law eating or drinking something or other for fear of them not getting pregnant. While some may say that this is all some folklore nonsense, Harvard Health Publications published the findings of an eight-year study and finally proved those mums and grandmas right!

Other studies followed that proved that the right foods can improve fertility!

The good news ladies – ice cream is on the menu!

Iron from plants – Eating foods like spinach, beans, pumpkin, tomatoes and beets gives you extra iron that appears to promote fertility.

Water – Stay away from sugared sodas, they appear to promote infertility.

Choose whole milk – if you like milk, skip the skimmed and go whole. Full-fat yogurt is also a great option. The great news is that ice cream is on the menu.

Unsaturated oils – Get those from nuts, seeds, vegetable oils and salmon.

Try vegetable proteins – Replacing a meat protein with tofu, peas or beans can improve fertility.

Trans free fats – stay away from those and stick to the good fats.

Slow carbs – go for slowly digested high fibre carbs like whole grains, fruits and veggies, they increase fertility by controlling blood sugar and insulin.

Folic Acid – increases chances of ovulation

Avoid unripe papaya – while ripe papaya helps with constipation and indigestion, unripe ones have been shown to cause infertility and miscarriage. Some women avoid papayas altogether while pregnant or trying to get pregnant, to be on the safe side.

Herbal remedies – the jury is out on this, there are no solid studies suggesting herbal remedies can improve fertility.

A healthy body will help you have a healthy baby, and eating the right foods is key to a healthy body.

Stay Healthy from Team Mumzworld.