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What is A Contraceptive Implant & Does it Work?

What is A Contraceptive Implant & Does it Work?

A contraceptive implant is one of the less common birth control methods. Most mums do not know about this method. And when they do, they fear the word “implant”. So, what is a contraceptive implant? How does it work? And how effective is it? You will find all answers here and more. 

What is a contraceptive implant?

A contraceptive implant is a birth control method. And as you probably guessed from its name, doctors implant it inside your body. More accurately, doctors place it under the upper arm’s skin. Experts consider this birth control method to be an effective and long term one. And after they implant it, it prevents ovulation, thus preventing pregnancy. 

What does the implant look like? 

Relax, we know the word “implant” might scare you a little. But in fact, this implant is basically a toothpick sized tube- so it is flexible and small. This implant is filled with pregestational hormones. Also, Doctors usually place it in your non-dominant arm.

How do contraceptive implants work? 

As we mentioned above, this implant is a small tube which includes hormones to prevent pregnancy. It releases low dosages of the progestin hormone in order to thicken cervical mucus and uterus lining. They also slow, or stop ovulation. Therefore, when having an implant, eggs do not get fertilized and no pregnancy happens. 

Are they really effective? 

According to Planned Parenthood, contraceptive implants are 99% effective. They also affect your periods as they become lighter and less painful. In other words, they reduce painful premenstrual symptoms. In addition, you can get one while you are breastfeeding, as they are safe and have no effect over breastmilk. Last, but not least, one implant can last for 3 to 4 years. So it is effective, and long term. So you won’t have to worry about regular birth control methods. 

Do they have any side effects? 

Yes, just like any other contraceptive method, they do have some side effects. Including: 

  • 1. Changing period patterns. 
  • 2. Abdominal and back pains. 
  • 3. Insulin resistance, though it can be mild. 
  • 4. Headaches and dizziness. 
  • 5. Weight gain. 

In addition, in some cases it can cause moodiness, depression, and change in appetite. But that varies from one mum to another. 

When can I remove this contraceptive implant? 

Normally, you can remove this implant after three years, or whenever you want. The removal procedure is very simple. Doctors will inject your arm with a local anesthetic, make a tiny cut, and pull it out. Then, they will apply a pressure bandage and you will be good to go. You can also take it out and replace it if you want. So really it is a piece of cake. 

However, in some cases, doctors recommend removing it earlier. This depends on your own medical condition. For instance, if you experience migraine, depression, or high blood pressure. This is when your doctor will recommend you to remove it. 

Can any mum use a contraceptive implant? 

Unfortunately, contraceptive implants are not suitable for all mums. Therefore, make sure to take all the required tests before getting one. Mums with the following cannot use contraceptive implants: 

  • – An allergy to the components. 
  • – Diabetes. 
  • – High blood pressure. 
  • – High cholesterol.
  • – High triglycerides.

Finally, this contraceptive method is very effective and long term. But make sure it is suitable for you before getting one.