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What to pack for Dads to be

What to pack for Dads to be

The chances are that the mummies-to-be will have carefully researched and packed their hospital bag lightyears in advance of their due date. It’s probably waiting in the hall three months before the big day. Your dads can’t fall behind and need to be prepared too. So, we have created a little list to help you along the way.

Phone and the relevant chargers

Keep your mobile charged up and ready for when the big birthday is here. You’ll need it to phone family and friends to announce the news. Make sure in advance that you have got everyone’s number added to your contacts. Oh – and remember to pack your charger too along with other cables, adapters, and portable battery packs.

Cash and cards

You might need it for self-parking, for hospital vending machines, to pay the valet if the hospital offers the service and for buying food from the cafe. Make sure you have coins, notes, and a card in your wallet in case you need them.

Snacks and drinks

You are likely to be in the hospital for some time, and you need to keep your energy levels up. Your partner will be a patient that gets served food, but you may not be that lucky. Pack energy-boosting snacks to keep you going, if there is no time to dash off to have a proper meal. Otherwise, there is always Deliveroo among other options.


-Labors can turn out to be a lengthy experience. You might be facing hours and hours of sitting and waiting for things to pick up the pace, only for things to slow down again.
-Bring some distractions – a book, a magazine, Sudoku apps on your phone, a journal and anything else to keep yourself occupied when you’re not needed as wifey support. Make sure that your distractions are respectful of others – many families will be in the same vicinity, so don’t forget headphones.

Change of clothes

You might be in the hospital for a long while and in most cases, even overnight. Pack comfortable clothes to change into if you need to freshen up and a set of clean clothes for the nighttime.

A tasty after birth snack

Has your partner been craving something for a long nine months that was forbidden to eat during pregnancy? The answer is probably yes and if it’s something that you can pack in your hospital bag, do so.  

Push present

Always a good idea. If you’re planning to give your partner a gift after birth, remember to pack it too.