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10 Great Ideas to Calm Newborn Babies

10 Great Ideas to Calm Newborn Babies

Have you ever had one of those days, where your newborn baby is clean and full. Yet he or she is crying tirelessly? Surely, this unexplained crying can be because of a stomach ache. It can be that your baby is lonely and just wants to be held. The best thing you do here is be calm and patient. Your baby can sense if you are feeling frustrated, and that is not what either of you need. What you need is good ideas to calm newborn babies. And that is what we have in store for you.

This is not your typical little toy with melodies. It is way more than that. This humming bear has an amazing cry sensor function. It recognizes your baby’s cry and automatically switches on calming shushing sounds. Once your baby is sound asleep, it automatically switches to stand-by mode. This Humming Bear is not just a colorful cuddly toy, but it also helps calm newborn babies when they wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

Mamaroo 4.0

Mamaroo 4.0 is one of the best Mumz Pick. It is also a bestseller and makes for a great baby shower gift. Why? Because it makes mums’ lives easier as it holds little angels and swings them right, left, up and down. Also, it features 5 speeds and 5 unique motions to keep your baby happy. As for audio features, Mamaroo 4.0 has 4 soothing sounds. But it does not stop there. You can play your favorite songs when you enable the Bluetooth option. In fact, you can control both motion and sound from your smart phone. On top of it all, the seat is super comfy for little babies, and it can recline and be adjusted in many positions.

Soothe your baby with their new tiny friends and Soothe ‘n Groove’s charming melodies. It features melodies from different genres: Jazz, World, Nature sounds, Classic, Lullaby or soothing White Noise music. This musical toy encourages both cognition and communication while little angels are still in their cribs. In addition, you can remove the arm and turn it into a stand-along music box.

Many mums and experts agree that swaddling is one of the best ways to calm newborn babies. Not only does it sooth them and makes them feel safe. But it also helps them get a good night’s sleep. Swaddling replicates a womb-like experience, and that is how it works its wonders. It also helps in reducing the temptation for bed sharing and decreases chances of rolling over. BABYjoe’s swaddles are amazing because they are snuggly and they are made of high quality cotton and spandex. Which protects newborn babies’ sensitive skin while also keeping the cozy and comfy.

Sometimes it is best to have one place for babies to play and nap at the same time. This rocker chair does the trick. With a click of a button you can convert it into a comfy napper. Also, it features three reclining positions for both napping and playing. The hanging toys this rocker features are great for developing your little baby’s milestones and motor skills.

Baby Comfort Cushion

One of the best ideas to calm newborn babies is Babocush’s comfort cushion. This is an award-winning newborn baby comfort mattress. This comfort cushion features a heartbeat and vibration that offers your newborn tummy time. It helps to relief babies from colic, reflux and flat head syndrome.

Save space with the Graco Swing By Me Swing. The multi-purpose swing that offers two products in one. It is designed to allow you to bring baby with you from room to room at home and when you are traveling. This swing includes a comfortable seat, multiple swing speeds, and an overhead toy bar with soft detachable toys to keep babies engaged.

A lamp, a cute character, and great cuddly friend for sleep time. This night light relaxes your baby during bedtime. It is ideal for keeping your child company during the night. It works by creating a reassuring atmosphere to help babies fall asleep without worries.

Red Castle’s Cocoonababy

Welcome your newborn baby into the world with this amazing invention. Not only does it provide babies with a comforting womb-like surrounding. But it also helps newborns adapt to life in the best way possible. We assure you, your baby will get quality sleep at nighttime and during day naps with it. Also, it includes a Tummy Band which retains baby in place, keeps him or her in the correct position. It cannot be more perfect than that, right!

Baby Massage Oil

Baby massages are a great way to calm your baby down and prep them for bedtime. With this oil. your baby’s skin is softened and hydrated thanks to the presence of Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamins E and F and emollient agents. Its non-greasy texture also allows use on the scalp to remove the milk crusts gently. Made in France. Dermatologically tested. Hypoallergenic.