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7 Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day in Dubai

7 Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day in Dubai

Dads do a lot for us. From fixing furniture, to opening sealed jars, and always supporting us through the journey of motherhood. They do deserve a day of appreciation to be celebrated. And to celebrate Father’s Day perfectly, we rounded up a couple great ideas to celebrate Father’s Day in Dubai. 

Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day

1| Gift Cards

A gift card and a fathers day mug is the most common and timeless gift. Get your kids to sign the card and write cute little things that will put a smile on his face. You can give it to him after a nice breakfast in bed. 

2| Throw a huge BBQ party

Most dads love a good cookout! Throw a huge BBQ party with your family celebrating all father’s: your dad, husband, uncle, and brother. You can order these great customized aprons for the chefs – the dads! 

3| Order a special cake 

Let’s not do old-fashioned cakes this year. Every dad has something he is obsessed with. Be it a movie, a sports team, or even a book. Order a themed cake – or make it, and watch his preciouses reaction!

4| Go on an adventure

Being parents can be time consuming at certain points. You forget your wild selves and become careful and safe people at all times. This means not going to places that can offer certain kinds of adventures, like skiing or skydiving. Book a day for you and your husband to go on a daring adventure and reconnect with your wild and extreme side for a change. You can go to Ski Dubai and make a day out of it. Or try skydiving with Skydive Dubai and book a daring and exciting experience for both you and your husband. 

5| Online gift cards

Many dads keep holding on to their love of video games. You can get a PlayStation gift card, or an Xbox one. Or you can buy him a game he is waiting for! Also check out new accessories and additions that he might want. He will definitely love you much more when you add to his precious gaming station! 

6| Is he a coffee lover? 

Check out Wacaco – Nanopresso Portable Machine + Nespresso Adapter! It is the perfect gift for every coffee lover out there. Now, he can enjoy his coffee wherever and whenever without any effort or hassle. 

7| Help him relax

Most dads are unaware of the methods to relax and pamper themselves. You can do this by either booking a couple’s massage at a spa, or by getting him Trister’s Scalp Body Massager. This is a great gift to throw all tension and stress out the window. 

Finally, whatever you do will be perfect. Celebrating Father’s Day is more about showing appreciation and gratitude to your husband, father, and all dads out there. It is a day to celebrate the heroes who are ready to take up any challenge for their families.

From us here at Mumzworld, we wish all dads out there a Happy Father’s Day!

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