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All You Need to Know About Air Fryers

All You Need to Know About Air Fryers

When it comes to healthy cooking, air fryers take up the conversation. Using air fryers has increased lately, and almost every house now has one. The key to buying them is healthy cooking without any harmful oils and fats. And here is everything you need to know when it comes to this new kitchen gadget! 

Why buy them? 

They save time 

Most air fryers are big for large meals. You can choose whatever size you want that suits you and your family. Cooking time is also cut in half when using them. 

Helps you cook healthier meals 

Less oils means healthier meals, especially when you’re feeding kids. Deep fried foods are loved by everyone. Now you can make their favorite fried foods with much less oil and the same crispiness and yummy flavors. 

Less cleaning time 

We are all familiar with the fuss French fries makes. You need a frying pan, a stainless steel spoon to keep stirring the fries, a skimmer for getting them out without the oil, and a plate with paper towels to dry the fries. Then you need to clean your gas over and counters from splattered oil. A whole lot of work, righ? 

With air fryers, all you need is a serving spoon and plate. Chop them, toss them into a little oil and then into the fryer. Within 20 minutes you will have the perfect crispy French fries without any fuss or extra work. 

Also, the interior is entirely coated with a non-stick surface making cleaning it easier and faster, especially if you want to use it twice for one meal. 

Great for busy mums 

Meal prep no longer takes hours and hours. If you are making chicken, marinate them whenever you can – the longer the tastier. Then toss them into the air fryer and let them cook. This gadget is a true blessing for busy and working mums. 

Eco friendly 

Air fryers cook in less time than electrical ovens, meaning that using them saves electricity and energy. And because you are using much less oil and grease, you don’t have to toss it away affecting the environment. 

What to look for? 

If you are about to buy your first air fryer, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • – Budget.
  • – Size and capacity: how many liters?
  • – Shape: oval shaped or square shaped.
  • – Features 
  • – Power and temperature control 
  • – Safety 

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