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10 Winter Accessories You Need this Cold Season

10 Winter Accessories You Need this Cold Season

Warm clothing season is here. And we need to do our best to keep ourselves and our little ones safe and warm. This applies to all mums. Whether you live in a cold wintery place, or a less rainy region like GCC. Temperatures in the Gulf region might not be as cold as other countries. However, that does not mean we can skip warming our kids and dressing them up well. Here are the top winter accessories your need during this cold season. 

Winter Accessories that every baby wardrobe needs!

Baby hoodie 

A hoodie is an essential part of every wardrobe. Whether babies, toddlers, teenagers, or adults. We all love the feeling of a warm hoodie cuddling us on those cold days. This Sugar Rush hooded sweater comes in sizes for babies from 9 months and up for 4 year old toddlers. It’s black color makes it a great addition that can go with everything!

Full sleeve coat

Another essential piece of clothing that you cannot do without. Every little baby needs a warm and waterproof full sleeved coat. It will keep them warm, cozy, and dry. What we love the most about these coats is that they come if a huge range of different patterns and colors.

High-neck sweater

Trust us on this – you need a high neck sweater. Especially if you have a little kid who does not want to swear a scarf. It will keep their neck warm and protected from the cold air when they go out. They also go amazingly with all sorts of top coats. In addition, many mums love high neck sweaters for bedtime on cold nights.

A warm swaddle set

Every mum needs a swaddle set for her baby, especially newborn babies. And not only on winter, but also on summer days. Simply put, a swaddle set is essential, especially when you are packing your maternity bag.

A blanket

Winter or summer, every baby needs a cozy and warm blanket. Some babies are so attached to their blankets that they accompany them everywhere. So, make sure to pick one that is high quality, warm, and nice to look at. Because let’s face it, you will be looking at it A LOT.

Baby Mittens

This is without a doubt one of the cutest winter accessories there is. Most mums get them to keep their baby from scratching their sensitive skin with their little nails. But they are also super cozy and warming for anytime and any season. Furthermore, These mittens are made from super soft cotton and fully lined for extra comfort and comes in handy six pack.

Poncho Coat

We love poncho coats for stylish and adorable little girls. This amazing and super cute poncho has an amazing hood with bunny ears on it. It also has snap buttons to keep you little fashion icon warm while showing off her perfect poncho.

Cute & graphic sweaters

When buying clothes for kids, we like to pick things that have graphic designs. Like bunny ears, or a fluffy tail. In this case, its an adorable sweater with dinosaur armor. What is cuter than that!

Vest coat

A vest coat is one of our favorite picks for mums living in GCC region. Because while you might not get rain, you still need something to keep their tummies warm and protected. You can get a neutral vest coat and mix and match it with colorful sweaters with fun prints.

A ski mask

Hear us out – do you really need to go skiing to get a ski mask for your little baby? We believe not. This warm ski mask is made of a soft wool blend. It also has cute little teddy ears on them. Just imagine how cute this would look on your little baby! It is simply irresistible not to have.

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