10 Travel Tips for a Holiday with Kids

Whether it is a road trip or an air travel, entertaining kids on-the-go is challenging. Your holiday plans can go completely berserk. Plan it well with these survival tips. Holiday vacations with kids can quickly become disasters if you do not plan them well. It is imperative that you are well prepared before you think […]

10 Mum Tricks to Keep Kids Busy When They Are Bored

Don’t curb your children’s creativity by planting them in front of a television. Channelize their energy in a positive way with these fun ideas. Being a parent is not easy. You must be constantly on your toes to look after your kids, run errands at home, and manage work all at the same time. Don’t […]

10 Back-to-School Hacks for Busy Mums

Whether or not you are prepared, kids need to go back to their classrooms. Don’t lose your sanity. Be a supermom with these life-saving hacks. When the schools are about to reopen, you can reimagine the morning madness. Are you trying to get over the vacation laziness and get into the usual routine?. Don’t worry; […]

Top 10 Parenting Resolutions for the New Year

Parenting is not about striving for perfection. Yet, a new year gives us an opportunity to get over our past parenting blunders and start afresh. Here is a list of top resolutions to get you started.   New Year Resolutions are those promises that we annually make to ourselves, but invariably end up breaking – […]

Top 10 Tech Birthday Gifts for the Gen-Z

From Robotics to Videography, hobbies can be moulded beautifully with early-age tech toys. Digital learning is here to stay. Spoil your children with toys that are engaging and educational. Who knows what it might lead to? Your Birthday gift might be a building block in shaping his/her interest. Most kids love any type of technology, ...
Top 10 Birthday gifts under AED 100

Make every penny of your birthday budget matter by spending on thoughtful-yet-inexpensive gifts from Mumzworld.com. You can show you care without spending a fortune. Choose from these age-specific interesting gifts and delight the birthday child. When a birthday is around the corner, most adults are scrambling to find that perfect gift for their son, daughter, ...
9 Christmas Tradition Gifts That Build Family Values

Advent calendars, milestones, countdowns, stories, letters, recipes - there is so much to Christmas traditions. Build your own and savour memories that will last you a lifetime. Christmas is the perfect time to build family traditions; So which ones will you focus on this year? How will you establish customs that will last through the ...
9 Christmas Books Your Little One Will Thank You For

There are plenty of books to share – exquisite stories, treasure hunts and activities that engage the young mind. Make it a Christmas tradition to recite new stories year on year. There is no better to bond and build family values. Sharing books with your children is a fundamental part of supporting them while they ...
Top 10 Christmas Decor Ideas for that Perfect Holiday Mood

Christmas is a time to follow family traditions, and there’s no tradition more fun than decorating our homes. Welcome your guests with elegant Christmas decor that includes crackers, decals, balloons and more . And don’t forget to involve the kids with these thoughtful ideas. Decorating for Christmas is always a merry occasion. Who doesn't like ...
Top 10 Ideas To Ease Out Your Daily Parenting Routine

As a parent, you will always want to be the ‘Best Parent in the World’, at least in your child’s eyes. And this is how most of the parents exhaust themselves. They gun for perfection and create a lot of stressful situations in their own lives. From getting the kid ready for school to cooking […]