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Top Ten Toys for Summer

Top Ten Toys for Summer
Bunchems - Mega Pack

These funky Velcro balls are perfect for keeping kids entertained all summer long. They can be used to build all sorts of things, allowing your child to unleash their creativity and create thousands of different creatures and artworks.

Viga - Chinese Checkers

A timeless game that’s easy to whip out for some serious family fun. An easy game for all ages to play and enjoy family time.

Viga - Construction Block Set (68 Pcs)

 A  super fun construction set that allows your child to build lots of different models for pretend play. It is excellent for encouraging creativity and imaginative play.

Banzai - Aqua Blast Hopscotch

A fun way to stay active in the summer heat, get the family together for a fun game of hopscotch with the added fun of water!

Viga - Guitar 21" - Red

This child friendly guitar is the perfect addition for summer, a perfect time for your to tune in to their musical side and learn a new skill

Mokulock - Kodomo Wooden Blocks, 60 pieces

I adore these beautiful wooden building blocks. They are perfect for creating all sorts of structures, creatures and anything else that your imagination can think of. Plus they are carved from wooden, with a beautiful texture and a natural element.

Clementoni - Science & Game Microscope

This is a perfect way to make science fun in the home. Let your child explore the world around them using this child safe microscope. Take it a step further and encourage them to draw the magnified images they see.

Djeco - Wooden Magnetic Geocharacter

This is a super fun and creative play activity. Using different patterned magnetic shapes on a magnetic board, you can create whatever picture you want. Take turns adding a piece to the board and see what crazy picture you can make together!

Pressman - Mastermind for Kids - Codebreaking Game

The perfect way to introduce coding and problem solving. With fun colours and animals, it encourages children to think and use their brain to solve the code, whilst interacting socially with others. A perfect way to continue learning and thinking, whilst having fun and playing!

SES Creative - Explore Insect Hotel

A fun project to work on during the summer and then put in your backyard, watch as your local insects and bugs enjoy their new home, opening up new opportunities for learning and research.