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Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Kids Under AED100

Top 10 Birthday Gifts for Kids Under AED100

Make every penny of your birthday budget matter by spending on thoughtful-yet-inexpensive gifts from You can show you care without spending a fortune. Choose from these age-specific interesting birthday gifts and delight the birthday child.

When a birthday is around the corner, most adults are scrambling to find that perfect gift for their son, daughter, grandchild, niece, or nephew. There are many excellent selections of birthday gifts under AED 100 for a variety of age groups and interests. The tricky part is selecting a toy that will be played with over the long term. One part of the Birthday gifts’ likeability depends on the interests of the child. Another part rests on the inherent features of the toy. This list has been divided into age groups to simplify your search, but don’t let that limit you. There are plentiful options on Mumzworld.

Gifts For Very Young Children from Newborns to Age 3

Melissa & Doug – The Wheels on the Bus Sound Puzzle

Most young children learn the “Wheels on the Bus” song, so this puzzle is sure to delight them. They’ll love locating the different parts of the bus, and being rewarded by the sound of the horn for the correct placement. This element of surprise will enchant the children, driving them back to the puzzle time after time. In addition to the puzzle, you link the real world experiences to the fantasy of the song. And don’t worry if your child doesn’t yet know the song – he/she will be delighted to learn it along the way.

Lego – Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator

This early year’s lego set which is based on Disney’s Pixar’s Cars 3 movie will delight any fan. The big pieces can be easily handled by even the smallest fingers. This will encourage them to quickly and easily construct the toy, using the picture on the box as a guide. Once the build is complete, the adventure continues. The child can experiment with all of the components and figure out what each of them do. This will most likely be the first of many construction toys that will work as a set to last many years.

Melissa & Doug – Pound-a-Peg Classic Toy

An aspiring construction worker in your life will delight in pounding these wooden pegs into the circular slots using the hammer. This is an old favorite and will appeal to any child, especially if daddy or mummy likes to use tools. It can help in refining their hand-eye coordination while also building muscle control.

Gifts for School-Age Children up to Age 9

Plan Toys Mosaic 6 Boxes per Pack

A set of blocks can be transformed into almost anything: from a fantastical world to a set of cars ready for a race. Children only have to use their imagination. The endless possibilities that come with this toy are sure to ignite a creative spark in your child. Open-ended toys are highly adaptable and provide hours of fun for the child who loves patterns or enjoys constructing things. A budding architect can delight in building a structure whilst also developing their spatial understanding: two in one!

Easy-to-Do Glow Window Mosaic Art, Fairy

The little Picassos out there will just love using these colorful tiles to create a beautiful mosaic design. They can follow the design template or design their own creation.  In following the template, they are learning how to read and follow instructions. If they choose to design on their own, they are developing their creative side. What is even more amazing is that the pieces glow beautifully in the dark. When the artwork is complete, it can be treasured forever as it is hung on the walls of your home.

Marvin’s Magic – Mind-Blowing Magic Themed Sets – Yellow

Do you have a potential performer in mind for the Birthday party? The children will enjoy learning new tricks to engage their audiences, whether family members or friends. This kit will encourage them to perfect a clever magic trick and perform to an audience. While doing so they will learn how to trick, dazzle and amaze others.

Gifts For Preteen Children up to Age 12

Creativity Can Music

The budding musicians in your life will be overjoyed to experiment with the materials in this can and create their own musical instruments.  While they are busy constructing, they will also be learning about the basics of sound and music. Can you imagine the fun of accompanying your favorite songs with an instrument you built yourself?

Sassi Junior Travel, Learn And Explore – Ancient Egypt

What better way to learn about history than through a toy? Read the information and then complete the 200 piece puzzle for even more facts. Your children will enjoy the experience of learning about a fascinating ancient civilization. This toy may spark further research about the exciting life of ancient Egypt.

Fischertechnik Dynamic XS

What is more fun for a child than flinging a ball across the room? This toy enables them to both construct and experiment with motion. If the child decides to build according to plan, the target device will require careful construction and modifications to make the ball fly through the hole. Once your builder is familiar with the pieces of the toy, he/she will devise new challenges on his/her own. This toy can bring hours of enjoyment to a child who likes to construct working devices. And if you’d like to enlarge the set, the challenges can become even more intriguing.

Keycraft – Juggling Balls

Do you know a child who never sits down? These juggling balls are made for him/her! This toy may seem simple, but for the physically active child it can bring hours of fun. And what better way to amuse his friends and family once he/she has mastered the technique. It is an excellent way of building focus and stamina while learning a new skill at the same time.

Many of these long-lasting toys have existed for this long for a reason: They tickle every child’s fancy. These toys are so intriguing that the birthday child simply won’t put them down.