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How to Celebrate Book Day at Home

How to Celebrate Book Day at Home

Book Day is near. And even though it is unknown whether our kids are going back to school, it does not mean we cannot celebrate it at home! Celebrate this joyful day with your little ones and turn it into a blast. 

Why Celebrate Book Day? 

Bookworms or not, we all have this one book or one author that we just love. This day is dedicated to celebrating those words we love dearly. Not only that, but it is a time to encourage our children to explore books and authors they might like. This can be a start for your children to fall in love with reading. 

Celebrating this day is important, especially this year. With online and distance learning, our children, and maybe even ourselves, have forgotten all about books. Everything nowadays is online and through a screen. That is why we highly suggest that you start planning to celebrate this day with your children and family and even your children’s school and make a day out of it. 

In other words, celebrate this day to enforce your children’s reading skills and their love for books. 

We all the benefits of reading, but here are a few reminders 

1| Reading stimulates creativity and imagination. 

2| It improves your child’s vocabulary and sentence structure. 

3| Books build children’s’ knowledge and awareness.

4| It improves many skills such as concentration and critical thinking.

5| Reading helps children become more empathetic to their surroundings thus more appreciative and understanding.  

Ideas to Celebrate Book Day

Go to your favorite bookstore 

Get dressed, grab your masks and sanitizers and head to your favorite bookstore. Browse new books, and help you children do so too. Take pictures and post stories about your favorite bookstore and why you love it so much. Maybe even get to know the workers and owners. 

Buy a couple new books for you and your little ones. You can turn it into a contest and whoever finishes their new books first gets a prize. 

Many bookstores have story time for children or small reading zones. Call ahead and know the schedules. Spend hours at the bookstore browsing, reading, listening to stories, and enjoying this happy day. 

Dress up 

As we said before, everyone has a favorite book and a favorite book character. Plan a costume party where both you and your children dress up in your favorite characters. Post stories, plan zoom calls with friends, family, classmates, and teachers and have a virtual costume party! 

Here are some suggestions for book characters costumes: 

Share book views

Give your child an assignment to come up with a quote they liked from whatever book they read and love. Sit together and go around the room reading this quote and commenting on it.

Have your child express why they liked the quote they picked, and how did it make them feel. This is not just a great book party game, but it is a wonderful communication exercise. 

Include school 

If your children’s school didn’t plan anything for this day, then you should make the first move. Call up teachers and parents – or email them, and suggest planning a virtual meeting to celebrate this day and have a party online. 

You can also plan a visit to your little ones’ school – but make sure you take all safety measures for you and your children. 

Plan a book resolution 

Finally, to encourage your children to read, sit together and write down a book resolution. How? Choose a number of books to read till next year and keep tabs. By the end of the year, see who achieved their resolutions and give them a big prize because they definitely deserve it! 

Whatever way you do to celebrate this day, make sure to participate fully in all activities because you are your children’s role model and they will follow whatever you do. 

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