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Changing Table Essentials that You Must Have

Changing Table Essentials that You Must Have

One of the most frustrating things for mothers with babies is not having everything where and when they need it.  Standing at a changing table with a dirty baby bottom, frantically searching for the wipes just should not happen! Having a changing table checklist will save you a lot of hassle and unnecessary frustration

Here is Mumzworld Change Table Essentials Checklist to make your life easier

Changing table 

You might laugh but sometimes changing on the bed or the couch doesn’t seem like such a bad idea and the changing table is relegated to the bottom of the list of priorities. As baby gets older, getting them on that changing table will be all the harder as they never got used to it as babies.

Changing Mat

keep it nice and comfy for baby with a specially designed cushion made especially for baby.

Disposable changing mats 

To keep your changing table, cushion clean, it might be an idea to put a disposable changing mat on top that is easily disposed of if and when it gets dirty.

Diaper bin

to keep baby’s room smelling fresh and clean, the diaper bins are very convenient to have in baby’s room so that you don’t have to keep going to your main bin to throw away those dirty diapers. At the end of the day, simply remove the garbage bag and throw the whole lot away!


Deciding on your diaper type can depend on anything from price to softness to the effect on the environment. Mumzworld has a wide range of diapers available including normal disposable ones, organic eco-friendly, and the all-in-one diaper,


Usually for newborns bottoms, perfume-free wipes are recommended as they are ultra-gentle and do not contain any perfume, protecting your baby’s skin from any possibility of allergies. Organic and environmentally friendly flushable wipes are also available, as well as the lightly scented wipes. A spare packet is recommended here as well!

Dental wipes

Those wipes will keep your baby’s gums healthy and clean, keeping any bacteria at bay. Use first thing in the morning and after the last bottle for the evening.

Nappy bags

Scented bags for dirty diapers and dirty wipes to neatly go into and then get disposed of into the Diaper Bin!

Nappy Cream

To keep that diaper rash at bay

Baby Powder /Baby Powder Puff

To keep heat rash away especially in the summer months, baby powder is essential in keeping baby’s skin dry and comfortable.

Baby Oil

To keep baby’s skin soft and moisturized, especially in the hotter months when the Air Conditioning hardly ever gets switched off!

Box Caddy

To keep everything, you need for a change in one easily accessible place

A change of clothes

just in case things get out of hand!

Hand Sanitizer

For your hands before and after changing!

A basket of  toys

to distract baby with during changing if needed