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Cleaning Slime Has Never Been Easier With These Hacks

Cleaning Slime Has Never Been Easier With These Hacks

Every child out there loves slime. There is something about this gooey and colorful toy that makes it so appealing and enjoyable. Not to mention that it is a great sensory play activity. However, it can easily get stuck in places you don’t want it to. Like hair, clothes, or furniture. No worries – cleaning slime is easy. We got a couple hacks that will make cleaning slime easier and faster. 

How to clean slime from clothes? 

Every mum is terrified of seeing slime smirched all over her children’s clothes. The first thing that comes to mind is “how can I clean it?”, well; we got you. 

1| Pick out all the slime on the piece of clothes. Use a piece of plastic like a plastic ruler to get it out manually without spreading it further. 

2| After doing that, you will have some left that are hard to get out. Use a piece of ice to freeze them and pick them out. 

3| Pour some detergent on where the slime was stuck. And leave it for 10 minutes – make sure not to leave it any longer. 

4| After 10 minutes, head to your sink and turn on the hot water. Hand wash the piece of clothing while the hot water is running on it. 

5| Soak it in hot water for about half an hour. 

6| Through it in your washing machine and just wash it like you usually do. 

7| Hang the piece of clothing out to dry and relax – crisis averted.

Tips on cleaning slime from hair 

This is probably the most common crisis mums face – slime in their kids’ hair. There are two ways to clean out your kids hair from slime:

1| Conditioner

  • – Wash out your child’s hair with warm water. 
  • – Add a generous amount of conditioner on the lock of hair covered with slime. 
  • – Rub in the conditioner thoroughly to reach every bit of hair and then comb it.
  • – To comb the hair, you need a wide tooth comb. Comb the hair, wash the comb, and repeat till you get the slime out of the hair completely. 
  • – Once your child’s hair is slime free, wash out the conditioner. 
  • – Use shampoo to clean your child’s scalp and hair from the slime and conditioner. 

2| Olive oil

Basically you can use any kind of oil to clean out slime from your child’s hair. This includes coconut oil, avocado oil, and our favorite – olive oil. We love olive oil because it does wonders to hair, and it is available in every house. 

All you gotta do is massage the hair and sclab with the oil thoroughly. Keep massaging from the roots till the tips of the hair to get out as much slime as possible. Also use a wide toothed comb to get the slime chunks out. Once your little one’s hair is slime free, wash it regularly with shampoo and conditioner

What about furniture? 

The steps of cleaning slime from furniture differ depending on what piece of furniture is stained. 

Couch or carpet 

If you see a slime stain on your couch or carpet – do not panic. You can clean it easily. Here is how: 

1| make a thick paste from baking soda and cornstarch and spread it on the stain. You can also use flour or baby powder

2| Cover up the paste on the stain with nylon wrap or a plastic bag. Tape it if needed so it would not move. 

3| Leave it on for two hours straight, then vacuum the paste. 

Many mums agree that this is one of the best ways to remove slime stains. We recommend repeating for as long as you need. 

Wooden furniture

To clean slime from wooden furniture, you will need:
– ¼ cup of white vinegar mixed with ¾ cup of olive oil. You can replace the vinegar with lemon juice. Store the mixture in a glass bottle

– Shake the mixture well before using, and spray it on a cotton cloth.

– Gently rub the slime stain with the cotton cloth until the slime stain disappears completely.