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The Complete Potty-Training Shopping list

The Complete Potty-Training Shopping list

Potty-training, one of your toddler’s major milestones, and definitely one of the hardest to come by especially because it all depends on other behavioral milestones. So it can be a little tricky to figure out your whether your child is ready or not. It can seem so difficult to get your child out of diapers and onto the toilet seat. What if they have an accident? How are they supposed to control that urge? We won’t lie to you. It’s no easy feat. But with the right tools, and some tips, you’ll get there! Out with the diapers and wipes and in with… the toilet paper? Read on for our guide on the complete potty-training shopping list!

A few things to keep in mind:

-Be patient

-Accept that accidents are inevitable

-Do not punish for accidents

-Schedule regular potty breaks (even when they don’t need to go)

-Choose your words wisely. Avoid negative connotations like stinky and dirty

-Nighttime training general takes a bit longer

Your Ultimate Potty-Training Shopping list:

1-Potty chairs

Portable potty chairs come in all shapes and sizes. You need to make sure that your child’s feet touch the floor. The good thing about potty chairs is it warms up to the real thing. The downside? They need to be cleaned.

2-Toddler toilet seat

Basically a smaller seat that goes onto the larger one, and these sometimes come with steps your child can climb. The great thing about smaller toilet seats is the lack of clean-up, and also, they can help easing the transition onto the actual toilet.


Being able to reach the toilet will push your child to use it. Little stools and steps are also great for the sink when they need to wash their hands, giving them more control and independence.

4-Underwear and Training Pants

Letting your child choose their favorite color or print will make them feel more grown-up and more inclined to stay out of those diapers! Look for training pants, more absorbent than regular underwear, that will catch any small accidents. These are perfect for nighttime training!

5-Diaper Pants

If your child has been wearing diapers for some time and can’t seem to stand being in underwear, transition them into big boy pants by switching to diaper pants. They’re still diapers but look like underwear so you can slowly ease your child’s way out of diapers.