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Covid-19 Survival Guide for Pregnant Mumz

Covid-19 Survival Guide for Pregnant Mumz

With the entire world experiencing what seems like endless waves of Covid-19 cases, everyone is on high alert, especially pregnant women. If you’re expecting, things can be quite stressful, you’re tasked with keeping the both of you safe and your health is tied to the health of your baby.


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With things starting to open up, how do you stay safe when you’re no longer on lockdown?

Being pregnant means you’re already worried and thinking about so much already, let alone stressing over the pandemic. To ease your mind, we’ve come up with the ultimate Covid-19 survival guide for pregnant mumz! Follow our guideline so you can focus on the safe and joyous arrival of your little one!

How to Avoid Contracting Covid-19

The survival tips are pretty much the same for pregnant women as they are for everyone else. Always avoid anyone who is sick, whether it’s Covid-19 related or not as you can never be too sure. Why put yourself at risk and cause unnecessary stress for you and your loved ones? Also, try to avoid going out as much as you can. Almost everything you could possibly need, you can buy online and have delivered to your doorstep!

If you do happen to go out:

-Maintain a safe distance from everyone

-Always have a sanitizer on hand

-Avoid crowded areas and public transportation

-Keep your hospital or clinic visits to a minimum, but stay in touch with your doctor via phone

-Most importantly, wear and keep your mask on! Opt for disposable masks as it’s safer not to reusing them.

What happens if I contract Covid-19?

Don’t panic! Most studies show that pregnant women are not likely to experience severe symptoms and you probably won’t transmit the virus to your baby. That being said make sure to:

1| Consult with your doctor, and keep them in the loop of how you’re feeling

2| Isolate yourself from your family

3| Increase ventilation by opening the windows of your house