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Cutting Back on Sugar, Let’s Face It You Are Sweet Enough

Cutting Back on Sugar, Let’s Face It You Are Sweet Enough

The importance of cutting back on sugar needs no reiterating – the internet is abundant in articles on the matter, but instead we are here to help you with the ‘’how’’, seeing as the ‘’why’’ has been covered.

1. Start by stocking up on fruit and veggies and make both organic if you can. The UAE has a booming scene for locally grown produce, and excursions to the farmer’s markets make for a great family outing. Instead of visiting the fast food stalls (well represented everywhere else so save it for your next trip to the mall), try directing your family towards the colourful fruit stalls. We didn’t say it would be easy the first few times around; hence the use of the word ‘’try’’!

2. Leave snack bowls on the kitchen counter, easily accessible and tempting for everyone around. Remind your kids of these when they ask you about something sweet.

3. Introduce one fixed day a week when children are permitted to eat conventional sugary candy and clearly define the amount they are allowed to consume. Perhaps it’s worth making this a combined effort amongst your friends – the support of your fellow struggling mums will make a world of difference and you won’t be met with a setback when your child returns from a play date.

4. Make sure to be one step ahead and (time permitting) prepare healthy snacks for family rituals such as movie nights and cinema outings.

5. Don’t worry if you lose the occasional battle and teach your children the importance of sharing. That way, there might be some chocolate in it for you too!


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