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Everything you Need to Know about Your Second Trimester

Everything you Need to Know about Your Second Trimester

After your first trimester, you will experience less morning sickness and nausea during the day. Also, you will feel less exhausted and even more energetic just like before your pregnancy. Many mums agree that their second trimester is the easiest part of this journey. So, we recommend you use this time to prepare for your baby, nursery and everything else you might need.

At this time, your baby will grow a bit faster than before. You will have a visit planned to your doctor around your 18th week of pregnancy and up to the 22nd week. During those visits, your doctor will follow up your unborn baby’s growth. You can also tell the baby’s sex at this period of your pregnancy. This time is the most exciting as you will also start to feel your baby’s movements and start feeling the kicks. And yes, you will be more energetic and active at this time, but your body will start to change as your baby grows. 

Common expectations during the second trimester

– Back pains 

As your baby grows, your body will gain weight – that is normal. This extra weight will add a little more pressure on your back which might cause back pains. No worries, there are ways to reduce those pains. For example, always try to stand up straight and when sitting down, keep your back rested, supported and straight. When you sleep, try to sleep on your side, and get a pregnancy pillow to put between your legs. This will keep you comfy for a good night’s sleep and also protect your back from any pains. The common advice is to avoid carrying anything heavy. Finally, choose comfortable pregnancy shoes to wear, and pamper yourself with a massage every now and then. 

– Your breasts will get a little bigger

During your first trimester, you will feel breast swelling and tenderness. But when you start your second trimester, you will not feel this irritation as much. But your breasts will continue to get bigger because your body is preparing for feeding your baby. The best thing to do is to always wear comfortable maternity undergarments and bras. They will give you the comfort and support you need at all times. They also go perfectly with all style both casual and formal. 

– Headache 

Having a headache is one of the most common things that pregnant mums experience during their second trimester. You can make things easier and avoid them through getting plenty of rest, and try to relax all the time. If your headache was more painful than usual, make sure to consult your doctor. It probably will not be something serious, but your doctor will prescribe a medication that is for pregnant mums, not just any regular one. 

– Acidity 

During pregnancy, your body will keep secreting Progesterone hormone. This might give your acidity or even heartburn. Why? Because this hormone works on relaxing certain muscles including stomach muscles which leads to this uncomfortable feeling. To avoid acidity, heartburn, and reflux, make sure to eat slowly. Divide your meals and eat regularly but in moderation. Avoid foods with lots of spices as they will make you feel worse. In case you experience constipation, make sure to walk around, do some light exercises, drink lots of water and liquids, and eat plenty of fibers. Remember to always let your doctor know what you are experiencing. 

– You might feel changes on your skin 

Ever heard of “pregnancy glow”, well it is not a myth. Some pregnant mums actually experience a glow in their skin during their pregnancy. That is due to the hormonal change that is going within your body. On the other hand, sometimes those changes can cause some dark spots on your skin – but no worries, they all disappear after you give birth. In addition, your skin might become more sensitive to the sun during your second trimester. Therefore it is important to always wear sunscreen. Finally, and this is something all pregnant mums share, stretch marks. Those happen because your belly grows as your baby grows. They are normal, and everyone experiences them. So do not stress out about them. 

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