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Our Favourite Travel Strollers

Our Favourite Travel Strollers

If your thinking about a family getaways, be them near or far, then you should consideration Travel Strollers too. Why? Because they’re easy to fold, lightweight and hassle-free. So when you are juggling the kids, their bags and probably a cup of coffee you won’t do your back in!

Why Travel Strollers are an Absolute Must

Travelling with kids is no easy feat — depending on their age, the amount of gear you need to bring with you can make you feel like you are relocating. It’s enough to make you second-guess the entire trip. If you’ve ever tried to carry your everyday stroller with you then you’ve experienced the inconvenience first hand.

So, in short words, here is how travel strollers ease the experience:

1| They are lightweight, portable and practical

2| Travel strollers are foldable and they fit into most airplanes’ cabin

3| The wheels move smoothly on all terrain

4| Big baskets and storage space to put you and your baby’s things

5| They will provide a comfy seat for your baby at all times during your trip

Our Favorite Travel Strollers

You’re probably already wondering: which is the best travel stroller? We’ve established why you need them, now it’s time for which one suits you the best.

MOON – Ritzi Ultra-Light Weight/Travel Cabin – Grey

A versatile and compact stroller that makes travelling with babies easier. It is designed to allow simple folding and unfolding with no effort or complexity. You can easily maneuver it as it is light weight with wheels perfect for any kind of floors. This stroller is ideal for city walks and long journeys with your little one.

Chicco – Goody Compact Stroller 0-4y – Cool Grey

The Goody stroller has an innovative folding mechanism. You can fold it easily at the flick of a wrist and turn it back into a free-standing unit. It is equipped with a spacious and comfortable seat with shoulder pads and padded center bar. The soft canopy can be extended as well. Once you fold it, the Goody  stroller stands up on its own and is so compact that it can be stowed anywhere, even in the tightest spaces.

BABYZEN YOYO2 0+ & 6+ Stroller Bundle (Frame+Newborn Pack+Color Pack)

Always a firm favorite amongst mums. The Yoyo+ is known as the world’s first luxury travel stroller. It is the most compact, versatile and lightweight on the market, making life and travel smoother than ever before. This road-facing stroller which fits the smallest of places, including aircraft baggage cabins, also comes in a variety of colors depending on your mood!

Cybex – Eezy S Twist

Lightweight, narrow frame, front and rear suspension, travel system compatible, deep basket, compact fold but stands out for its unique rotating toddler seat which allows your little one to bee parent or world facing. An excellent option for those who are big on style but small on space.

Teknum – Travel Lite Stroller SLD – Peppermint Green

Teknum’s travel stroller features a flexible, smooth and easy drive system. This stroller provides a two way comfort both for the baby and the mum who is pushing the stroller. It also includes an adjustable canopy designed to protect your baby from harsh weathers. You can always observe the status of your baby through a patch of transparent skylight window. Lovely fabric and colors will make you fall in love with it!

Jikel – Life 360 Compact Stroller – Grey

Jikel’s vision is to provide parents with products which offer them great value and makes parenting a bit easier. This stroller is very compact. It can fit in any car or airplane cabin. It is also lightweight, which can be lifted and carried easily.