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Childbirth Fears Every Mum Face & How to Deal with Them

Childbirth Fears Every Mum Face & How to Deal with Them

Mums are strong and courageous, but even through; facing what we don’t know can be scary. Surely, you must have some worries and concerns if you are about to deliver your first baby. That is absolutely normal. Do not think that these concerns are a sign of weakness, because they are not. Get to know the most common childbirth fears that mums have and how to deal with them. 

The Most Common Childbirth Fears That Mums Face

1| Labour pains

The most common fear amongst pregnant mums about to give birth is labour pain. Most mums are scared of those pains and think they cannot handle them. However, when pregnant, your body prepares to deal and bear those pains naturally. Your body naturally gives you the energy to endure labour pains and give birth safely. Millions and millions of mums all around the world experienced labour pains, and you are no different. 

Here are some tips to handle labour pains: 

  • – While pregnant, take a class on the right breathing exercises during childbirth. Many experts give such classes and they will help you a lot. 
  • – Stay calm and surround yourself with positive thoughts and attitudes. 
  • – Consult with your doctor about taking an epidural

2| Arriving at the hospital late

You must have heard the story about a mum who got into labour and did not arrive quickly enough to the hospital. And she ended up giving birth to her baby in the car! Well, in reality, this is a very rare case that almost never happens. The most common thing is that mums get to the hospital in time, and deliver their babies safely surrounded by their doctor and medical staff. 

But just in case, here are a few things you can do to reduce this fear: 

  • – Choose a hospital close to your home and workplace.
  • – Prepare a bag with everything you need for you and your baby. This is best done during your third trimester. 
  • – Get on the move to the hospital the second you feel labour pains or contractions. 

3| Fearing a Cesarean delivery

Another common fear amongst pregnant mums is getting a C-section. However, if your doctor recommends it or wants to do it, then it is the best option for the safety of your baby and yourself. Keep in mind that many mums delivered their babies through a C-section and both them and their babies were perfectly healthy. 

The best thing to do here is to read on how important a cesarean delivery can be. Also, you must give yourself plenty of time to recover and rest after. Give yourself a few days of complete bed rest and then you will be just fine! 

Check out what to pack in your hospital bag when having an elective C-section?

4| Epidurals 

There are many myths surrounding taking an epidural before childbirth. Some are that epidurals cause paralysis, they cause permanent and chronic back pain, and that they may have lasting effects on the baby. Again, these are all myths. 

We recommend you have a detailed conversation with your doctor about epidurals. This way you will know everything you need from a reliable source, and your doctor will help you make the best decision. 

5| Being unprepared 

Finally, one of the most common childbirth fears is being unprepared. Not only for the hospital stay, but for when bringing the baby back home. The best course of action we can think of is to plan everything ahead starting your first trimester and getting everything done before your third. This includes the nursery and all the necessary furniture: a crib, changing table, and a swing chair. Also, buy enough clothes, diapers, wipes, and feeding gear to have everything you need at the reach of your hand.