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Keep your little one safe at home with these safety essentials

Keep your little one safe at home with these safety essentials

New mums always fear for the safety of their babies. They’re constantly paranoid about if something bad happens. First we urge you to push such thoughts away because you are doing a great job. And second, plan your baby’s safety – and this is your guide to do so.

Safety essentials to keep your baby safe at home:

Digital Video Monitor

Baby monitors are very important to keep an eye on your little one especially when sleeping in different rooms. They help mums check on their babies without risking distributing their sleep.

Sunveno – Mosquito Repellent Patches

Those patches are composed of special essential oils and work wonders protect your baby from mosquitoes at all times. They can be applied to beds, clothes, car seats, or strollers.

Little West Street – Snuggle Bunny Reversible Bumper

Crib bumpers are important especially when your baby toss and turn during sleep. It protects their little heads, feet, and hands from bumping against the bed helping them sleep through the night. 

Chicco – Barrier For Bed

Bed barriers protect your toddler and child when moving to the big bed. It ensures your baby a good night’s sleep without risking falling off of bed. 

Baby proof your home

As babies start to crawl and gradually walk, everything becomes interesting to play with. That is why you must baby proof your home with these essentials:

Always have a first aid kit at hand

Toddlers and children are bound to have some accidents when exploring the world around them. That is why a first aid kit is important. You can either get a first aid kit that is filled and ready, or you can build your own. If you choose the latter, make sure it includes essentials such as:

Other than preparing those essentials, you need to teach your baby about all kinds of safeties such as hygiene, safety in the sun, and