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Keeping Up With the Kids & All the New Trends!

Keeping Up With the Kids & All the New Trends!

Do you sometimes listen to your kids talking with each other or their friends. And they are mentioning strange trends, phrases and talking about things and people you have never heard of? Have you ever felt just a little uncool for not knowing what is cool these days? (Apparently, the word “cool’ is really not cool anymore!).

Here is the latest trends in your kids’ culture to keep you in the know, comfortably current and up-to-date!

The Dab

First, we have the DAB! It spread like wildfire across the globe about a year ago. This dance move or playful gesture just became the answer to everything with kids. If they are asked to pose for a picture, they dab, if they don’t want to answer a question, they dab, if they don’t know what to do with themselves, they dab. Celebrities, politicians, athletes and even Royals, have done the dab, but according to the kids, no parent to date has been able to perfectly master “The Dab!”

Bottle Flipping

This little game is actually refreshing and reminds us of our childhoods. When a simple household item can have enormous potential to occupy us for hours! All you need is a half full small bottle of water, you hold it from the bottom and flip it to land on its bottom!

Fidget Spinners

They came out of nowhere a couple of few months ago. One kid in school got it and then suddenly, every kid in every school had to have it! Also, Kids get creative with this little gadget, spinning it in different ways and having good old fashioned fun with it.

It’s gonna be LIT

This is the phrase of the moment, in other words meaning it’s gonna be great/awesome/fun.
The Jenners – There were the Kardashians, and now there are the Kardashians and the Jenners. Moreover, All siblings and half-siblings, models, socialites, reality show stars, fashion designers – they are everywhere and our kids just can’t get enough of them. Know who’s who in this family and your kids just might be impressed!

Streaks on Snapchat

Finally, we got Snapchat. To get “streaks,” on snapchat, you have to send a picture of anything to one of your friends. Who then has to open that picture and then send you a picture of their own that you have to open, every single day to get and keep your streaks. In addition, Kids reach up to 400 streaks per friend. There is no reason for collecting streaks, no prize at the end – nothing. It’s just for the satisfaction of having them.
And you are up-to-date with all the trends your kids are into!