Healthy Suhoor Ideas Made Easy

Healthy Suhoor Ideas Made Easy

The Holy Month of Ramadan is just around the corner, and we have compiled a list of healthy Suhoor ideas for our fasting readers.

It is essential that your last meal before sunrise consists of protein and healthy fats – this way you will stay full until Iftar, on the other hand, will keep your blood sugars stable and hopefully prevent your energy levels (and mood) from fluctuating too much. Fruit and vegetables – apart from being packed with nutrients – are also a great source of hydration and lastly, you need to make sure that your meals include complex carbohydrates. As opposed to simple carbs, complex carbs such as sweet potatoes and quinoa etc. keep you fuller longer. (Also read Suhoor Foods to Keep you Going This Ramadan)

Below we have listed a few meal ideas and while we don’t include any actual recipes (as we don’t pride ourselves in being undercover master chefs) rest assured that these can easily be found on most foodie websites with a simple google search.

1. A green shakshouka with spinach and feta cheese. (Also read our article Why Choose Organic)

2. Cottage cheese breakfast bowl – build it like a yoghurt parfait but with filling, protein-packed cottage cheese instead.

3. Smoothies of all kinds – ideally with nuts, dates and bananas or why not an avocado? Remember what we said about those Omegas?

4. Homemade breakfast bars, using quinoa instead of oats.

5. Zaatar muffins (we love the “Dalias Kitchen” recipe by Dubai based chef Dalia.

6. Breakfast burritos on wholegrain bread.

7. Quinoa or coconut milk porridge with various toppings of your choosing.


Bon appetit!

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