The importance of arts and crafts

The importance of arts and crafts

Academic institutions and families often put a lot of pressure on literacy, numeracy and science, however they are forgetting a key area of development: creative science, in other words, arts and crafts.

Arts and crafts are just as important for children as doing maths or learning about science. They deservededication, exposure and commitment.


  • They can help shape and define who we are and how we understand ourselves and our possible selves
  • Art and crafts foster transferable skills and boost overall academic achievement
  • Craft and arts provide space for problem-posing and thinking outside the box; promote diversity, respectand intercultural understanding; show that making mistakes can be liberating and open up newopportunities
  • Children can take their experiences of the world and transform them through art, making newconnections and relationships through their inventive minds.
  • Pictures encourage us to think about and understand the world visually – this helps with our visualliteracy
  • Art and craft encourages children to make observations. Developing observational skills through artfacilitates the child’s visual sensitivity to the world
  • Making art and craft allows children to express their feelings and ideas
  • Simple things like holding a paintbrush and scribbling with a crayon are an important element todeveloping a child’s fine motor skills.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons to jump on the arts and craft bandwagon in your house, because we all want the best for our kids.

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