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Nail Care: 7 Secrets to Get Pretty and Strong Nails

Nail Care: 7 Secrets to Get Pretty and Strong Nails

Nail care is one of the top priorities for every lady out there. We learn to care for them since we are little girls and carry this lesson as we grow. Caring for our nails is not just a fashion or trendy matter. But it is also a hygiene and personal care thing. Having strong and healthy nails is not just pretty. But it is also an indicator that your body is just as healthy on the inside. Here are 7 secrets to keep your nails pretty, shiny, healthy and strong. 

7 secrets to keep up your nail care routine

1| Don’t bite your nails.

Biting your nails usually happens when you are stressed or anxious. Some people do it unconsciously when they are busy or overwhelmed. This is one of the worst habits that destroys nails and leaves them weak and broken. But no worries, it is also a habit that you can kick with patience and some hard work. 

Why should I stop biting my nails? 

  • – First, because it leaves you with bad looking and broken nails. 
  • – It can cause fungal infections and bacteria transition from mouth to hands. 
  • – This habit ruins both your teeth and nails. 

How can I kick the habit? 

As we mentioned before, you can easily stop this bad and harmful habit. All you need is patience, hard work and persistence. In addition, the most important step to achieve that is to know the reason behind this habit. Such reasons can be stress, frustration, concentration, or having emotional or psychological trouble. 

To overcome those reasons, you need to teach yourself patience. And if the problem goes deeper than lack of it, then you might want to see some counseling. After all, looking after yourself psychologically will help you care for yourself physically. There are also some tricks to keep yourself from biting your nails such as: 

  • – Always trimming your nails.
  • – Covering your nails with gloves for instance. 
  • – Finding a replacement, like a stress ball or chewing gum. 

Does Mavala Stop really work? 

Another tip to stop biting your nails is to use a bitter tasting coat such as Mavala Stop. This nail serum works as a clear colored protective top coat. It is harmless, and helps break the habit. You can use it yourself, and you can also use it if your children bite their nails or suck on their thumbs. 

2| Always scrub and moisturize.

Your hands, fingers and nails need scrubbing and moisturizing just as the rest of your body does. Some mums like to make their own hand scrub at home. They use coffee grounds, olive oil or coconut oil, and granulated sugar. Those ingredients are at every house, and it is very easy to make. It works on scrubbing the skin, softening and whitening it. Make sure to gently scrub your nails, cuticles and fingers. 

After scrubbing, you need a protective moisturizing layer. Use any kind of hand cream you prefer. Wear gloves after applying the moisturizer to allow the skin to absorb it. To get the best results, do this hand and nail care routine before bed, and sleep with the gloves.

3| Keep them sanitized and clean.

Keeping nails clean means to always trim them, file them and brush them. You need good nail care tools to do so. Here is a small hack for cleaning your nails: use a nail brush and some toothpaste. It will keep your nails clean, white, and help their growth. 

As for sanitizing your hands and nails, try to use alcohol-free sanitizers. Alcohol does great damage to nails when used constantly.

4| Wear gloves when doing chores. 

Whether you are dishwashing, cleaning the bathroom, or dusting surfaces. Always make sure to put on gloves. This will protect your nails and hands from the cleaning products you use. It will also protect them from collecting dust and debris. 

Leaving your hands exposed to cleaning products or dust can make them dry. It can also cause eczema and skin irritation. So, always put on gloves when cleaning, and moisturize immediately after. 

5| Push the cuticles, don’t cut them. 

There is a popular opinion that you should always cut your cuticles. However, this is not true. Going to a nail salon and having a nail technician cut them once a month is fine. But doing it yourself or more than once a month can be damaging to your nails. 

Rather than cutting your cuticles, push them. There are plenty of cuticle creams that soften them and keep them from over growing. Apply a cream of your choice, and use the little cuticle pusher. This way you will keep them soft, healthy with zero cuts or bleeds.

6| Use a protective top coat. 

We mentioned earlier that using a top coat can help with nail biting. But it also has many other benefits besides that. For instance, it smoothes the nail’s surface. It keeps it shiny and protected from coloring or breaking. Also, some top coats help with nail growth and strength. So, we recommend always applying a top coat even if you don’t have any nail polish on.

7| Avoid certain nail care tools. 

Not all nail care tools out there are worth buying. For instance, you do not need to get a cuticle cutter. Because you might use it incorrectly and end up with cuts and blood all over your fingernails. In addition, you must avoid nail products that have acetone as it is very bad for nails. Finally, some nail tools are very rough on the nails, like the ones made of hard metal. Those will do more damage than good so try to avoid them. Moreover, avoid nail glue – it is one of the most damaging products you can apply to your nails.