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What to Pack in your Winter Hospital Maternity Bag?

What to Pack in your Winter Hospital Maternity Bag?

It feels like you have been pregnant forever, but finally the end is in sight.  And if you are delivering your baby on colder days, then you need to pack right. Some mums living in the GCC like Dubai and Abu Dhabi think it is unnecessary, but trust us it is. Even if you live in a warm place all year round, your little ones still need to be warm and cozy. It’s time to get your hospital bag ready, so what are you going to pack in your winter maternity bag?

1| Warm onesies 

You have probably been given some adorable outfits for your newborn. However for those first few weeks whilst you are getting to know your bundle of joy, Babygrows are simply great.  It’s easy to maneuver tiny wiggling arms and legs into the suits and they have quick access for those numerous diaper changes.

2| Warm pajamas 

This one is for you, mum. You need a couple of pajamas that are warm, comfortable, and cozy. Pack more than one in case you need a change. We like pajamas with a buttoned top to make breastfeeding easier. Also, make sure your pajamas are made of high quality cotton to ensure your comfort.

3| Robes

Having robes in your maternity bag is one of the essentials. A robe will keep you warm all the time whether you are breastfeeding your newborn, or sitting up for lunch. It will also come in handy when you are in the mood for a little walk.

4| Cozy socks 

We all know, if your feet are warm, then the rest of your body is also warm. That is why you need a good and warming pair of socks. Keep your toast warm and toasty to avoid being cold or having any stomachaches.

5| Extra blankets 

While the hospital will provide blankets, we suggest having an extra one just in case. Having a blanket from home will keep you cozy and comfortable. Many studies show that this helps mums avoid PTSD.

6| Chapstick

During winter, many mums experience chapped lips. You need a good lip care products to protect them from the harsh cold and weather changes. Make sure to care for your lips to avoid bleeding or inflammation.

7| Body moisturizer

Let’s face it pregnancy is quite tough on your body.  Your hormones are constantly changing which can take its toll on your skin.  Many mums suffer from dryness after delivering so pack a rich moisturizer for thirsty skin.

8| A warm swaddle 

Whether it is summer or winter, your newborn baby will need a good and warm swaddle. Not only do they keep babies safe and warm, but the actually ensures they sleep longer and sounder. In addition, swaddling prevents waking up  due to startle reflex and it helps maintain healthy sleeping positions.

9| Baby hat

Make sure your newborn baby’s head is always covered and protected, especially in winter. This warm cotton hat will do the trick and keep your baby’s head warm and cozy.

10| Baby gloves

Last, but not least are baby gloves. You need to pack those in your maternity bag because they provide the ultimate protection for your little angel’s soft little hands.

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