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Potty Training Mistakes Every Mum Should Avoid

Potty Training Mistakes Every Mum Should Avoid

Potty training is a challenging phase for both you and your little one. Every experience is completely different from the other. Some mums say that potty training their first child was easier than their second. So what went wrong? Here we highlight six potty training mistakes that mums should avoid. And while we believe you should steer clear from those mistakes. We want to also remind you that potty training is no textbook, so be patient and keep on reading. 

Potty Training Mistakes Every Mum Should Avoid

1| Starting before you should

First of all, potty training your child is not a competition. You cannot force your child to start. Some mums show off that they potty trained their kids at the age of 18 months. But that should not get to you. Even if you got all the essentials for potty training, and forced your child to use them. That will not help their potty training journey. If your child does not show that he or she is ready for potty training, then it is not the time yet. You see, potty training is just like talking or walking – each has their one speed and gradual improvement. 

In addition, starting earlier than you should might backfire. It might make your child reject potty training which might lead to constipation for instance. The best thing you can do is prepare your child without force. Like having conversations on the topic, or reading stories about potty training. 

Whatever approach you use, you need to be sure that your child is ready for potty training. This is usually when your baby is about two or two and half years old. And is able to express his or her need to go to the bathroom. 

2| Giving into pressure

Some mums rush into potty training their toddlers because they feel they are under pressure to do so. For example, the pressure can be because there is another baby on the way. Or because you are moving into a new home. Other mums rush into it because they want to send their kids to daycare. But what they don’t realize is that none of these reasons are good enough to rush into potty training your toddler. 

Even if you are a busy mum, there are plenty of ways to help you potty train your toddler. Read our potty training guide for busy mums. It will help you accommodate your toddler’s needs easily and fully. 

3| Inconsistent potty training

Toddlers need consistency during potty training, that is a fact that some mums don’t pay much attention to. The biggest mistake during potty training is to be inconsistent and messy about it. Generally speaking, consistency and regularity are necessary for children. Whether it was for eating habits, sleeping, or potty training. You need those two ingredients for your toddler’s milestone development. 

The reason behind being inconsistent or uncommitted is the lack of patience. Which is a big deal because patience is essential when potty training a toddler. Even if they make mistakes at the beginning, the more effort and patience you put into this, the better the results are. 

Some mums shared with us that they dedicated a week or so just for potty training. This gave them the ability to be fully committed without any distractions.  And gradually, their little ones learned the basics, and started spending more time without a diaper. 

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4| Using a negative approach 

Our reactions and expressions play a big role during this phase. If we keep showing negative expressions or using cruel reactions, it will reflect badly on our kids. Using this negative attitude during potty training will make a toddler shy, insecure, and scared. This is one of the most common potty training mistakes ever.

Potty training phase requires patience, love, and reassuring expressions rather than harsh ones. After all, it is a skill toddlers learn, and we want them to learn it in a positive and supportive way, not the opposite. Therefore, use sweet and supporting words. Encourage them and laugh with them to get through potty training as easily as possible

5| Daytime differs from nighttime 

Another mistake some mums make during potty training is not knowing the difference between daytime potty training and nighttime. Nighttime potty training is a completely different thing, and sometimes it is even more challenging. That is due to the fact that some kids cannot control their bladder when they are asleep. 

Urinary incontinence is common amongst kids, and is expected to happen for kids up to 8 years old. This results in bedwetting most nights. We know this might cause more trouble for you, but it does so too for your little one. Therefore, you need patience, love, and support to get through it. 

Being cruel or harsh will do more harm than good. Stressing your child or making him or her feel guilty is just as bad. This scolding approach will not help them, but it will make them lose control even more. The best thing we can advise you is to be patient, and use the right potty training essentials to get through this together with your child. 

6| Exaggerating with reinforcements

While we like to reward our kids every now and then. When it comes to potty training, we like to stick to encouraging words and praise. Some mums like to give out candy for their toddlers. But we believe that will make them associate getting candy with going to the bathroom. You don’t want to give out candy every single time your toddler goes to the bathroom, right? 

We suggest sticking to sweet and encouraging verbal reinforcements. Rather than gifts, candies, or any other material things especially for children who are younger than three years old. You can also read more tips on potty training here.

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