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Teachers Advice for a Smooth Back to School Season

Teachers Advice for a Smooth Back to School Season

In the Covid-19 era, going back to school won’t feel like it used to. Kids might already feel nervous going back after such a long break, entering a new grade, and meeting new friends. Throwing covid-19 safety measures into the mix certainly won’t help with any anxiety they might have. Families need to expect the school environment to look and feel a little different than it used to.

What can we expect this BTS season?

– Social Distancing

– Possibly Different School-Timings

– Restricted Areas

– Hygiene and Sanitary Procedures

Here are some pieces of advice from schools, on how to prepare your kids.

1| Contact your school

Get in contact with teachers, or the administration at your kid’s school before the school year starts. Ask them any questions you might have, and get some clarification on what can be expected during the Covid-19 era. Once you have all the necessary information, you can easily prepare your child for going back to school!

2| Explain That There Will be New Rules

Managing your kids’ expectations is number one. Explain to them that there will be new rules and policies. They need to know what to expect so they don’t feel anxious and overwhelmed by all the new changes taking place.

For example, the classroom may look a little different, desks might be spaced further apart; explaining all this to your children will make them feel more comfortable.

3| Discuss Worries and Fears

Ask your children how they’re feeling about going to school. Are they concerned about the pandemic? This will give you a clear picture of what might be upsetting your child, and will help you navigate their fears. This way, you can address their concerns directly.

4| Reassure Them

Offer reassurance by talking about the things that won’t change. This will help cement the familiarity your kids have with the school environment. No matter how stressed you are about sending your kids to school, it’s very important to convey calm and relaxed feelings. Seeing you worry-free will instill the same in your kids!

5| Connect with School Friends

Set aside a day to have your kids reconnect with their school friends, if possible, before they go back. Seeing them outside the classroom first, will help get rid of any anxiety they might be experiencing and the support of their friends will help them adjust to  the changes much easier.

6| Gear Up!

Your supply lists usually consist of the usual suspects, new backpack, lunchbox, and stationery. But during Covid-19 your list is bound to have some new additions.  Ordering Covid-19 safety essentials together with your child will help them wrap their head around everything. They’ll know what the products are, why and how to use them. After all, getting in the habit of using these items on the daily is probably the biggest change for your kids.

Here are some of our Back to School Safety Essentials!

Hand sanitizer with a silicone holder of course! So they can have it on their person at all times. Besides, who doesn’t love Batman and Wonder Woman?

7| Shop everything for school

Prepare a checklist to buy everything your kids need. From school bags, lunchboxes, and stationary. You can also get labels to personalize your little one’s gadgets. Check out our favorite picks for here. Another piece of advice from Dubai teachers, before going shopping, reach out and ask them what children need this school year to get everything with no hassle.

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