Should your kids do any work during their summer break?

Should your kids do any work during their summer break?

It’s almost summer time and kids are ready to trade school bags for beach bags. Should they be transferring some of their school books to their beach bags?

Chasing your kids to do their homework during the school year can be exhausting and frustrating. Do you have the strength to do that over the summer? How important is it for kids to do some work over the summer?

Kids do need time to be kids, to be carefree and worry free, and summer is the time for that. While this is essential for kids’ development, studies have shown that there is a learning loss that happens to kids over the summer, when they lose information that they have spent so much time learning during the school year.

According to a survey the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) conducted, teachers spent almost a month at the start of the new school year re-teaching material already taught.  Another study found that students taking a standardized test after the summer scored a lot less than when they took the same test before the summer.

According to John Hopkins School of Education, kids who don’t learn and practice essential skills fall behind on measures of academic achievement over the summer months. This is nothing new; there is research dating back over 100 years that confirms the phenomenon often referred to as “summer slide” (White, 1906). Most children lose about two months of grade level equivalency in mathematical computation skills over the summer months.

While nobody wants to chase their kids to do homework over the summer, it is highly recommended that they do some work focusing only on math and reading. Even half an hour

Reading is essential, at least three books, giving the kids something to do by the pool or beach, on a flight or train, or before bedtime. For math, there are several great websites that can be recommended by your child’s school just to revise and consolidate what they did during the year, or a single math workbook that can cover the same won’t seem so daunting a task.

Going back to school with their knowledge intact will be a great achievement for them and a satisfying one.

Have a great summer from Team Mumzworld!

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