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Toddler Mealtime Essentials for School and Home

Toddler Mealtime Essentials for School and Home

Once your child advances from infancy into the early toddler stages, they are curious to touch everything and eat independently. So we face the biggest challenge of finding the right feeding tools to encourage their independence and avoid hazardous accidents. These toddler mealtime essentials need to be categorically hand-picked and chosen in a way that gives your toddler their newborn sense of ownership, helps you minimize food waste and mess while feeding your toddler. So to help you on this tiring journey, we’ve compiled a set of mealtime essentials that will help your toddler during meal times at different places and occasions.

Toddler Mealtime Essentials

Silicone Cutlery:

Even if your toddler is learning to develop a sense of independence, they can still be rightfully clumsy and excited around new things, food being a specific, yummy thing! So turning to silicone cutlery and plates is a must to avoid any unwanted mishaps or incidents! Especially if you’re always out and about with your family or if your toddler has started school.

Stay-Put Suction Bowls:

In the previous point, we discussed the high probability of toddlers dropping their food & plates. Stay-Put suction bowls are an excellent way to minimize the risk of that happening. They stick on any surface, and you or your toddler can easily scoop food out of them without making too much of a mess and avoiding any food spills. 


Toddlers love having their comfy chairs, as sitting in a separate chair incites them to be more disciplined and active. They also try to get out of it less than a regular chair since the fit is better. It is so much better to get a multi-functional high chair. Adding to it, little toys or maybe even musical installations can also distract your kid while he eats, and it’s a good alternative to screens. It will also make feeding time less stressful for you, mama. 

Divided Plates:

At this stage, your toddler taste buds are developing along with their nutritional needs. Divider plates come in different sizes, shapes and colours, which your baby will enjoy early on and will love exploring and tasting various food textures. If your toddler is picky or sensitive to wet food, wet food won’t spread everywhere and make a big mess right from the beginning with divider plates. This gives your baby some time to do that all on their own.

Bento Lunch Boxes:

Bento lunch boxes have pre-portioned food trays that guide you through packing nutritious and hassle-free lunches! A good quality lunch box can be super stylish, safe to use and helps keep food fresh for longer. 

Click Lock Straw Sip Cup:

This is such an excellent way to train your toddler to drink from a straw! It’s so convenient for little hands holding a cup at any angle without the mess. It would be a soft transition from bottle-feeding to a sippy cup to having them drink from a cup independently on their own. 

These are some of our suggestions to make your toddler’s mealtime more fun and more manageable. You can utilize them both at home or when your toddler starts school or at daycare.