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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Little Kids

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Little Kids

Many new mums agree that buying gifts for their little ones is not an easy task. We totally understand how crazy the holiday season can be with all the decorations, gifts, and cooking. And that is why we arranged this guide including the best 2020 Christmas gifts for your children! 

10 Christmas Gifts for Your Little One!

Baby Walker with Blocks

The best gift for your baby, especially when those little feet are ready to take their first steps! Not only does it improve fine motor skills, but it is also very educational and fun! Your little one will learn how to walk with it while also learning about letters and numbers. It will enhance their coordination, balance and dexterity for sure. 

SmartMax – Magnetic Discovery My First Sounds & Senses – 8pc

Get your toddler this colorful and safe magnetic construction toy, which Stimulates hand-eye coordination, logical thinking, color recognition, form recognition in 2D & 3D. It works on developing social skills and creativity till the age of 3.

Crayola – Deluxe Magnetic Double-Sided Easel

Crayola’s Easel is a great place for your child’s imagination to blossom. It also helps children learn to express thoughts and emotions. It includes 3 magnetic gears, sticker sheet, 32 Crayola magnetic capital letters.

Lottie Dolls – Fossil Hunter Doll

Your baby girl will love this Fossil Hunter and have great adventures with this great companion making great discoveries! This doll includes a magnifying glass, trowel , 4 different fossils, and a geology hammer.

Hape – Passenger Train Set

Red means stop, green means go! Teach kids about safety signals with this figure of eight rail set. It comes with a train, a conductor, a passenger and signals to stop the train and get it moving again

Casdon – Play Food Set

Imaginative role play couldn’t get any better with this 44-piece set. It contains a wide assortment of fruit and vegetables, labelled play tins, ketchup, toast, corn on the cob, burger & chips and more creating an entertaining playtime and encouraging kids to eat healthy balanced meals!

Play Doh – Wheels Front Loader Toy Truck

Stimulate your child’s heavy-duty imagination with this loader truck which features a cool toy truck and tools for preschoolers to take the lid off their imagination and dig into their creativity. Fresh Play Doh sand is included to ensure maximum fun! 

Funskool – Ludo

Enjoy the classic game of Ludo with your family and friends. What’s special about this Ludo? It’s a six player game, and it is one of the most well-known and loved games of all time. It is perfect to help our children develop their minds and stimulate them while also involving quick thinking.

KidKraft – Charlie Dollhouse

KidKraft Charlie Dollhouse boasts plenty of space. The furniture does double duty as storage too. The bed, stove, chair and sofa open up to hide accessories and other collectibles. Two built-in bookcases provide even more room for displaying those coveted collections. The colorful design extends all the way around so there’s space for a few children to play at one time. Yay! No squabbling or elbowing each other for prime play spots. Kids will love that there are three stories to explore as well as cheerful decorations throughout. Imagine the stories that’ll come from playing with this dollhouse.

Chicos – My First Vanity Desk Lovely Princess

We all know that every little girl loves watching her mommy dress up. With this vanity desk your girl will dress up with you too! It features 12 accessories, including hair dryer and curler, and a paper mirror that perfectly reflects the image without losing detail. This is one of the perfect Christmas gifts for your little princess!