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Top 10 Playards for Newborn Babies

Top 10 Playards for Newborn Babies

When you have a baby, you need to get all the essentials to make your life easier. One thing that most mums forget about are playards for newborn babies. A playard is a place for babies to sleep, play, change, and explore the world. All while also being safe and away from any hazards at home. Here, you will help you pick out the best playard for you, your baby, and your home. 

Top 10 Playards for Newborn Babies

Babytrend Playard

A great playard with a full size bassinet for your baby to sleep and play. You can fill it with your little one’s favorite toys using the practical and high quality mesh organizers. Parents love this one because you can easily fold it with its one-hand locking mechanism. It also has wheels with brakes to keep your baby safe and near to you.

Chicco Easy Sleep Travel Cot

Easy Sleep by Chicco is a travel cot with umbrella closure. It is very comfortable, practical and simple. Which all offers the child the ideal space to enjoy pleasant naps. The two narrow sides of the Chicco Easy Sleep cot have a mesh window for perfect ventilation. While the long side can be opened to allow the baby to leave the cot independently and facilitate the preparation of the cot before bed.

Moon Kids Soft Play Mat

This is a beautifully made piece can be moved around in your home as you wish. It is made of high quality soft vinyl fabric with foam insert. We love that because it makes it super easy to clean. The adjustable sides are double height allowing you to configure the mat as you wish, or lay it out completely flat to cover a wider floor surface. Use as a mat, ball pool, play pen or for pretend play!

Graco Travel Lite Crib

When packing a travel crib, you need something comfy and easy to pack and fold. This one is exactly like that. It features a removable, full bassinet with quilted side panels to pamper your little sleeper. The canopy with soft toys soothes and shields baby from light. This travel crib is designed to be 20% smaller than traditional playards, so it will fit easily in your bedroom.

Megastar Baby Playpen

A super easy to install and carry playground for your baby. You can use it both indoors and outdoors. This one will make outings to beaches, parks, or any other places super easy and safe for you and your baby. The material is durable and breathable. Meaning you can keep an eye on your baby the whole time without any need to worry. It is both safe and secure for children to play, crawl, and even jump.

BabyBjorn Travel Cot Light

This travel cot is the perfect one to take with you on trips. It weighs only 11 pounds (5 kg) and you can set it up with one simple move. Also, you can easily pack it in the included handy bag. The BabyBjorn travel cot is very snuggy, cozy, and perfect for anytime and anywhere.  

Bugaboo Stardust Pop-Up Travel Cot

Bugaboo worked hard to create a place that makes nap time easier, and play time more fun. This travel cot allows you to put your baby down safely and quickly whenever you need both hands free to tidy up the house or while on the road. It’s a safe and comfortable place for your baby to take a nap or play while you’re busy with other tasks.

CHILDHOME Beech Playpen

Most playards have mesh and are made of fabrics. So, if you are looking for a wooden playard rather than a fabric one – this is for you. We love this playpen because children can use the flat bars to practice standing up. Thus developing their little leg muscles. It also includes wheels and brakes for maximum safety. 

BabyHub SleepSpace

If you are into unique designs and unusual shapes- you must get this one. The pyramid shape is very special and the kiwi color is just too adorable. This playard comes with its own fitted mosquito net cover, safe and roomy even for standing babies.

Plastimyr American Playpen

Lastly, we have this compact and safe playpen that can hold two babies at once. It is perfect for new mums with twins or siblings around the same age. Also, it has handles to store toys and keep them close by.