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Top items to have in your hospital maternity bag

Top items to have in your hospital maternity bag

It feels like you have been pregnant forever but finally the end is in sight.  It’s time to get your hospital bag ready, so what are you going to pack?


You have probably been given some adorable outfits for your newborn, however for those first few weeks whilst you are getting to know your bundle of joy, babygrows are simply great.  It’s easy to maneuver tiny wiggling arms and legs into the suits and they have quick access for those numerous diaper changes.


Muslin Cloths

These cloths are so versatile and can be used as burping cloths, swaddles, nursing covers, buggy covers and so much more.  There are so many beautiful designs to choose from.  Don’t underestimate how many you will need, it’s amazing how someone so small can generate so much laundry.

Boreas - Boho Team Muslin

Nipple Cream

If you plan to breastfeed, invest in some nipple cream.  You’ll definitely need it for the first few weeks regardless of whether you are a new mum or already have kids.



It’s likely that you will have a few visitors whilst you are in hospital so treat yourself to some new nursing jim jams so that you look your best and feel comfortable too.  These are designed especially for new mums so you can discreetly feed your

ILoveMum - Nursing Pajama


Let’s face it pregnancy is quite tough on your body.  Your hormones are constantly changing which can take its toll on your skin.  Many mums suffer from dryness after delivering so pack a rich moisturiser for thirsty skin.

O Boticario - Nativa SPA Black Plum Body Lotion

Car seat

Don’t forget to organise the all-important car seat ready for transporting your little darling home safe and snug.  Many seats double up as carry cots and even attach to your buggy, so you can easily transfer snoozing newborns without waking them up.  Check out baby seats which fit into an Isofix base, so you don’t have to fiddle with car seat belts.

Maxi-Cosi - CabrioFix Car Seat