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Travel Friendly Toddler Beach Essentials

Travel Friendly Toddler Beach Essentials

Spending a day at the beach when traveling is super fun. Especially when it is the first time at a beach for your toddler. Surely, it is easy to get caught up by protecting your baby from everything. Wrapping them in cotton wool and keeping them away from any mess. However, babies need exposure to nature and the outdoors to build their immune system and their sensory awareness. Learn here all about toddler beach essentials for a fun and safe adventure.

When planning a fun day at the beach, you need to take into consideration thinking of fun activities. Here are some ideas: 

1| Building sand castles.

Just like stacking blocks, building sand castles is very good for your toddler’s fine motor skills. Lifting buckets, scooping sand, and pouring it helps develop their physical milestones. In addition, it is a great mental exercise which expands their imagination and boosts their creativity. It does the same for their attention and concentration skills. It can also be a great bonding activity for you and your toddler. 

2| Sun bathing. 

Getting some healthy sun exposure for babies is extremely beneficial. First, it is the most natural and healthy way to get their need of vitamin D. Second, which is not common knowledge amongst mums. Sun bathing your baby or toddler will help their bodies increase their insulin production. This is important for babies to  keep normal sugar levels in their blood, thus avoiding the risk of diabetes. Of course, sun exposure alone is not enough to protect kids from diabetes. You need to take lifestyle and meals into consideration as well. 

When you sun bathe your little one, make sure to apply a good amount of sunscreen. Also pick a time when the sun is not too hot. The best time for sun exposure is either in the morning or an hour before sunset. Remember to pack some towels to lay on while sunbathing. 

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3| Getting in the water. 

Swimming is an important skill to teach our babies. It is never too early to start teaching your baby swimming. You can always start at the beach, and gradually get in the water. Swimming has great benefits for babies both physically and mentally. Make sure to get your baby comfortable swimwear to ensure they enjoy their time in the water. 

4| Collecting seashells. 

Children love collecting little rocks or seashells. Especially when they are colorful and unique looking. This activity expands your child’s love for exploring, and it is a great start for little scientists. Get your little treasure hunter a bucket, a net, and comfortable water shoes. Those things will make sure nothing stops them from collecting as many seashells as they can. 

5| Splashing water with their hands and feet. 

Babies love water. You can tell so when you bathe your baby and he or she keeps splashing water all over. This is one of the most lovable things for kids to do at the beach. So, let your little one go wild and splash water with both their hands and feet. Do not worry if they got a little dirty – everything is washable, even your toddler. 

6| Healthy popsicle sticks and ice cream.

Beach means summer, and summer means ice cream! What most mums don’t know is that eating ice cream in moderation can be very good for toddlers. Some ice creams are organic and filled with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. So make sure you get those for your toddler. Also, popsicles and ice cream give your little one energy to run around the beach and have maximum fun. And if your toddler is still teething, the cold texture will make it hurt less.  

7| A beach picnic.

You must pack a picnic if you are spending a whole day at the beach. Pack healthy yummy snacks, sandwiches, and drinks. Make sure you use insulated containers to keep everything fresh and yummy.  

8| Getting under the sand. 

You probably say some people make sand beds when on the beach. And that is a very fun activity to do with your toddler. You don’t have to cover your whole body with sand. You can just do your legs along with your baby’s legs. Trust us, they will love the sand getting between their little toes. 

9| Feeding fish together. 

Finally, you can find some beaches with baby fishes to feed. Help your little one connect with nature by feeding the fishes. You will adore their cute little laughs when the fish eats what they give them. 

Exposing your little baby to any outdoor activity helps greatly with building their immune system. Getting exposed to some germs in natural environments will strengthen their body and help them get stronger. Also, this will boost their confidence and love for exploring. 

Keep in mind, any mess brought home after a day out is 100% washable. So no need to worry or panic.